Tier 5 Ant Monster Bee Skin

What do u think ? I would love 2 see a Bee Like Skin for the New Monster because of his Abdomen i think its a good Idea if our Creepy Ant get some Insect based Skins



Haha i know what u mean xD

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Gold skin with release or Riot.

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There was already a topic with same suggestion. I’d like to see the monster itself first though, not just a silhouette. But yeah bee skin might work for it.

Don’t you think that might bee to cheeky though? Might get a buzz on the forums about lazy art designers.
What do you think @shin honey?

You can not italicise honey (the food) without making it look like Honey (sharpening) :confused:

Yeah i hope they will Do the Gold skin as the hunting season 2 Pass skin

Cant wait i really want 2 see his/her face but i think the Monster will be last -.-

Just get Dr. Bees to help them if they’re lazy.

It’s female.

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