Tier 4 Renders?

@Lindz With Tier 4 streamplay scheduled for tomorrow any chance we could see the “Official” art that matches the silhouettes? We have a few screens but some detail would be nice, especially for Assault and Trapper whos images were pretty dark. .

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Probably a better question for @Lindz. :slight_smile:

Yeah not really familiar with who answers what lol

Oh, I just figured she might have a better idea.

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Seconded! I loved the renders for T1-T3 I found in a zipped file.

Just waiting on them. When I get them, I’ll post them in the Character Turnaround thread.


You’re awesome! Thank you! :monster:

Can you link where you found the files?..pretty please

There :slight_smile: Enjoy, it’s a great resource

i wil love you forever and ever image


hehehe! This should be better known! And there was a KRaken Render somewhere too

GAHH none of them open kinda sucks

Source and a good thread to bookmark: Character Turnarounds