Tier 4 Perks

thanks mate

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I dunno. All the times I was practicing with my team, even against Krakens, I was always able to do more damage with Capacity than Jetpack Recharge, Reload, Damage Increase, and movement speed.

Increasing damage output doesn’t increase how quickly heal burst is recharged. My first thought goes to recharge rate/reload speed actually.

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You’re talking about doing more damage, sure. I can’t argue with that, but you just ignored my last sentence.

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So does Jetpack recharge, that also helps to dodge the Vortex. Movement speed? Not really much good to be done.

But like I said, Capacity does much better imo.

Actually, Health Regen on Torvald and Slim.

Torvald is away from the Monster most of the time, so it should put some pressure off the Medic… And I don’t think Slim heals himself while out of combat.

Reload for Slim so I can make the bursts happen more often maybe.

Not sure how Sunny’s drone will be affected, but it is possible that it will benefit from recharge and Health Regen, so there’s that.

And I was thinking Capacity or Jetpack Recharge on Crow. Because if that means Gobi will fly for longer… It creates some fun stuff to take into account.

Jet Pack recharge isn’t constant, though. Capacity for damage isn’t being disputed. “I can dodge that!” is easily the best way to fake out Parnell.

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No I didn’t. Doing more damage, even if being blasted away, still means more damage. I’m not saying you can’t get to the fight slightly faster with MS or JR, but in my experience Capacity won more damage, in all fights/circumstances, than using JR or MS. 15 shotgun shells works amazing with Parnell.

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na i agree with @mikeylikesit that movement speed works well especially trying to evade the monster when hes on you sometimes you just dont have enough jetpack but i can get it back while im zipping around. godbless

Honestly if your taking jetpack recharge for all hunters then you are only hurting yourself. With proper fuel management you get way more use out of the other perks. Here are some of my favorite perks.

Val - weapon swap speed, reload speed, or capacity. No one perk really shines for Val like the other hunters.
Laz - reload speed to decrease personal cloak cool down, heal burst, and the revivifier in tough situations.
Caira - reload speed or capacity depending on preference.

Hank - lots of options here, reload speed for more barrages and more use of the laser cutter and cloak. Increased damage for nuke-tacular barrages. Capacity increase to make the shield projector even stronger and the laser cutter last a long time with it.
Bucket - Increased damage is my favorite because with all 5 turrets deployed the monster will melt under all that firepower. Reload isn’t bad for him either since you can get turrets deployed faster and that slow rocket launcher reloaded faster too.
Cabot - Reload speed for faster railgun reloads and more dusting. Increased damage for railgun DPS but its getting nerfed soon so I would skip it post nerf.

Maggie - Increase movement speed. This makes a huge difference when chasing the monster and daisy benefits from it too. Reload speed to get harpoon traps deployed faster.
Griffin - Increased movement speed or reload speed to maximize the harpoon gun.
Abe - Increased movement speed. I sometimes choose capacity increase for his shotgun or maybe even reload.

Markov - Increased damage, Reload speed, and capacity increase are all good for him.
Hyde - Since he has such huge mags on his weapons increased damage is the best perk for him.
Parnell - Increased capacity works great with his shotgun. Reload is also a good option. I see some people like increased movement so they can get in closer to deal more shotty damage reliably.

Slim is definitely getting Reload, more heal burst and more leech for even more heal burst. Nuff said

Sunny is likely gonna be getting Reload for me too, since here nuke launcher is single shot, I don’t know how her other tools work so this may change.

Torvald could benefit with weapon swap but if his nades are like hydes with a bit of a cool down I might just take more damage

Crow probably weapon swap or jet pack recharge

For Torvald as for any Assault I would say Damage reduction
Also Jetpack recharge will definetly help you out and maybe for those who have single shot guns reload perk, but yeah I’m not the fan of reload perk ^^

crow: weapon switch. you want to slow, damage, rinse and repeat as fast as possible.
slim: reload speed or jetpack recharge. either do damage to the monster or keep out of his (or her) way. both of these perks benefit heal burst, which seems like his primary method of heals during combat.
sunny: reload speed. yeah, it charges your jetpack beam faster, but what people are forgetting is the mininuke. reload that puppy and get good at hitting stuff with it and you’ll become a second assault in no time. (i’m NOT encouraging anybody to disregard the drones and jetpack beam. use it only when everything else is on CD)
torvalt: damage boost or health regen. those are the standard best perks for any assault.

No. :arrow_down_small:

He can. :arrow_down_small:

Reload Speed might affect it, but not the Health Regen. :arrow_down_small:

Bucket’s Turrets don’t benefit from Health Regen, so the Shield Drone wouldn’t either.

Bad? I dunno, I use Movement Speed on all trappers, it works out very well. I will try Jetpack Recharge though to attempt to see where you’re coming from.

I can’t stand movement speed, I feel so slow with it.

But how can you feel slow when you know you are faster than your buddies?

I feel faster with more movement bursts more often.

Makes sense :smile:

I always feel that movement speed is more effective only because it affects ALL movement. Those in addition to running speed, it also means your boosts are faster.