Tier 4 makes rescue more fun


I just realized that slims is the perfect medic to revive a bunch of survivors with out walking and Sunny can boost another hunter to revive a survivor in seconds.


Ugh sunny smh


I know right? She’s the reason why rescue is better!


Haha it was meant in a way where I have absolutely no respect for a hunter who picks Sunny. I’m fine with every single other hunter but sunny. She’s game breaking


Never yet won a rescue as monster. sadface
Or Evac, for that matter.


Yeah I know, I was joking. She can be a pain.


play wraith with movement speed perk.
go for: s1 blast1 supernova2 - try to kill 1 colonist at stage 1
s2 blast3 supernova3 - go finish them off
your meelee attacks deal huge damage while supernova. just hit them down.
try to be in the middle of the map to get faster to the colonists than the hunters do.


Haha sorry, I suck at reading Internet :stuck_out_tongue:


If it only were that simple.
Usually the hunters run Laz on rescue, so killing them don’t matter much.
Rescue is usually like an extra hard version of Hunt. IMO


if they got laz: get decoy and eat them. pubs are dumb :smiley:


Rescue is kind of broken, and probably will be until Hunt’s balance and game’s bug fixes are finished. Monster will win every time if the player does this.

Pick Kraken/Behemoth, movement speed perk, max banshee mines/lava bomb. Stay near middle of map till survivors are spotted, and just rush them since you’re faster than the hunters (eat bodies if there’s Laz).

Even if Sunny boosts a teammate fast enough, it’s either A. full team doesn’t arrive in time, so you kill the lone hunter, or B. full team arrives, and you survive the dome and continue rushing. They wont have time for another dome before you end the game, even if you are CC’ed the entire time


But slim can revive the survivors before the monster can even get there


You have the see the survivor skulls to send the bug, usually happens at about 100m. You can manage hitting both survivors in a wave to keep the bug off as well.

Worst case scenario, Sunny pushes Slim in bug range, and the spawns make it so you can’t hit both survivors at once. You kill one, the other gets up, at which point you go after them. Since they have Slim and Sunny, they wont be able to keep the survivor up if you keep pushing the survivor away with melee, then scenario B. as said above happens.