Tier 4 interaction with other tiers?


So, I was wondering if there is any dropship chats (and on foot chats) between any of the the tier 4 characters and tier 1-3 characters.
I’ve not heard any cross tier chat from tier4 so far, though I haven’t played an awful lot with them yet (been using behemoth a lot).

Has anyone else heard them talk to eachother, or can anyone confirm if there’s no cross tier chat with 4?
I was really looking forward to hearing whT Hyde and Slim would have to say to eachother, would be a shame if they never talk to eachother


I think i’ve heard them talk with cabot. the you know your jobs people dialogue. maybe im just imagining it


No, never, it’s like they live in a diferent world, not even the dropship has their names


Yeah there aren’t any new conversations for the original hunters but the Tier 4 hunters do add to already existing dialogue. The devs have said a lot more dialogue is coming which will include new Hunters having new conversations with the original 12.


A couple, actually- Hank asks Slim if he’s ready and Slim says that he is.

Most of my games have been all Tier 4 so it’s hard to say.