Tier 4 hype!

As I said in other thread, they aren’t trying to make better hunters than the rest, they are making different hunters than the rest (different play styles and all) right now with trapper they have indirect harpoon (Maggie) direct harpoon (griff) indirect stasis binding <-- not blinding (Abe) now we need a direct binding: net gun.

I wanted a gun, that makes trip wires between walls. Are trip wires too much to ask for? -.-

I don’t see why not, sounds like a good idea to me!

Different characters in different classes have different versions of similar abilities, and having a personal missile barrage is a good bit different than calling down an orbital strike.

I dunno how people are seeing an SMG in the Trapper weapon - that’s one thing it definitely doesn’t look like, they’re usually more compact with long clips. This thing looks top-loaded, but it’s so hard to tell from one angle. I want it to be a net gun, but the more I look, the more confused I am about what it could be.

When i look at the larger gun the name “pulse rifle” keeps popping into my head, don’t know what that could mean. If it weren’t for the scope I would have thought it was like a double barrel shotgun. The barrel seems to wide for a regular rifle. Perhaps it actually launches something, like a mine or some kind of trap device.

It has same barrel size as Maggie’s smg, there’s just an underrail

I’m pretty sure that carrion birds are bigger than that

Not baby carrion birds :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair enough

It kind of looks like a fully grown batray don’t you think? They have pronged tails too (they are the birds that keep getting scared)

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Batray, I agree. Although I don’t have a clear image of wat they look like

Ya there aren’t any good pics online of them, i just looked at one in game and I feel like it might be one, if you see one, tell me what you think, it would be nice to get second opinion

Send me a link

Unfortunately I don’t have one, I had to go into a game and look at one

Kk. Off topic, but what do u think of cheating in evolve to get higher on leaderboard?

Hmm. I don’t think it’s very sportsmanlike. It’s a cowardly practice, it’s cheap and unfair to those trying to climb the boards fairly, and it ruins the legitimacy of the leaderboards. Saying “I’m the No.1 Goliath NA” means nothing now. However, seeing as it doesn’t directly affect gameplay, or the fun of the actual game, in any way, it isn’t as bad as other things.

If you want more discussion on this you can make your own thread.

I think they mentioned the bird is one that has not yet been introduced. Not 100% on that.

As for the gun, if it does shoot darts, my bet would be poison dmg since it looks like he is wearing a blitzleopard skin. The SMGs are usually just their dmg weapon but who knows. I just know I’m super excited! :smiley:

They are revealed :wink:


And by request of this thread’s OP (Dutch), we shall close the thread so discussion can now continue in the thread posted above. :smile:

Enjoy the new Hunters!

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