Tier 4 hype!

Alright guys, I had an epiphany! We know the Trapper has the bird… the rifle… and the big cannon. So, the rifle is the main weapon, the bird is the tracking tool, that means the cannon is the CC. My hunch is that something that big has to fire something that takes up a lot of space… like a giant net! I think it must be a net cannon!


Big cannon? No, that’s Abe’s shotgun. The two new weapons are the sniper rifle and the smg or whatever on the left above the sound spike.

That’s actually a guy


How about no she’s not? :smile:

She looks masculine though but she’s stronk independent russian woman

I really hope the new trapper is somewhat like dusty ^.^

When I see the trapper he always reminds me to a Wraith. And when I found this post with the hunter ideas, some of them (like the assault Brick) looks like more a monster or wildlife creature than a fully human being. Maybe a 4th trappper will be a hybrid or something like this?

Unless I have entirely lost my mind that is Griffins smg. The cannon is new, it’s bigger than the harpoon gun at any rate. It can’t be a shotgun

It is definitely Abes shotgun. The gun between Griffins Sound Spike and Griffins SMG is new. :smile:

There’s a picture in this topic which labels all of the Trapper weapons, and everyone there discusses the possible weapon uses.


Note that the new ‘smg’ uses darts. You can see it in the chamber near the tip. They look like darts because you can compare it to Abe’s tracking dart pistol. The SMG ones are slightly smaller though.


Maybe you shoot the darts in places the bird will circle to and from, giving you something to track while the hunters look themselves.

The gun may be more of a longer range rifle, so far all trappers are pretty close range.

I’m hoping for a new mechanic. Maybe you can’t evolve while darted, but it doesn’t track you or something. Similar length to Abe’s. However, because it’s SMG, I assume it would be some sort of damage/poison as the rate of fire for a anti-evolve gun doesn’t make too much sense.


Hey that’s a neat idea too. I’m all for something new!

That’s a cool idea, I wouldn’t mind seeing that in game.
Maybe it reduces the recharge speed of the Monsters traversal ability, I think that would be interesting.

I think a medic with an anti-traversal tranq would be interested, but not on trapper. Otherwise Val + Trapper = never get away again :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a good point, didn’t think of that. :smile:

It seems that medics are the ones who are in charge of decreasing distance to the monster. Val’s tranq slows while Caira speeds her team. So any speed modifiers should be limited to that class for consistency and relative balance.

That being said, other possible ideas of the Tranq SMG:

  • Unable to regenerate armor through time/out of combat and/or while eating. Eating just grants evolve while this dart is active.
  • Some sort of poison/bleed tied to the dart.
  • Reduce effective base attack damage. (Doesn’t apply to skills)
  • Increase cooldown for specials? (Not sure how I feel about this one though tbh)
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I think it’s some sort of net gun, not a Tranq/dart smg.

The increase cooldown for specials would be a good one, assuming it isn’t a massive change.
Maybe the SMG is the damage weapon and the sniper is the CC weapon?

I hope we find out soon. :smile:

Someone mentioned a heat scope on the sniper rifle. So you could ‘see’ heat signatures through walls up to a certain distance. That would be interesting, but without shooting through walls it would seem lackluster and there is already a rail gun :frowning: