Tier 4 hunters in real


So, I have watched a lot of gameplay footage with 4 new hunters, and today after playing VS them with behemoth I had a feeling like Behemoth was way too underpowered, then i have played VS Tier 4 hunters with all monsters (wraith, kraken, goliath) and then I realized that behemoth is OK but Tier 4 hunters are way too much overpowered. On twitch streams 4 new hunters was kinda OK not UP or OP. But when i`m playing VS them I cant get rid of them after they see me even with Wraith, New medic heals them faster than i can do a damage to them, Even when I cast all four krakens abilities on hunters they are still alive thanks to new medic, also tier 4 assaults mortars is like hanks barrage with almost same damage but damn, it has too low cooldown. and that hunter with bat, I have thought it will have a cooldown for example like 25-30 seconds, but Hunters are sending bat every 5 -10 seconds.

So the main idea of this topic is that TIER 4 HUNTERS ARE OVERPOWERED, and it makes this game close to p2w. That`s it TRS u made me say this.



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