Tier 4 Hunters in Evolve Hunters Quest?


Hey Guys when can we expect the update for the Evolves hunters quest application? Do they patch Tier 4 Hunters into the app or do they leave it in the current state? Specifically asking for a devs answer @MacMan
Thx for all replies :smiley:


I haven’t heard anything about the app. Considering that the Hunters come out in a few days without any news or update, I doubt they’ll be making an appearence.


Looks like we will be mastering them the good ol’ fashioned way.


I don’t think we can expect them to get added. At least not this soon. It would be nice to have the option to master them trough farming, though.


Wouldn’t make alot of sense to me if they weren’t added "/ For comparisons sake the Injustice companion app eventually got the DLC characters albeit later on down the road.

I feel like we’ll get them eventually…just my op though.


I would like to get an official statement too but as TRS are not really developing the App they might not know either.


I’d looove if the app got updated for tier 4 hunters


Ahhhh, was hoping there’d be news, damnit. fun game actually.


They need to do at least one of the following:

  1. Add tier 4 hunters to the app for mastery purposes

  2. Update the masteries for the tier 4 hunters. I mean dear lord, those things are imbalanced as all hell. Most notable:
    -Crow tier 3 stasis gun can easily be achieved in 1 game
    -Sunny’s tier 3 shield drone mastery, absolutely not possible within 100 games. I’ve played about 20 games just on tier 3 and gotta only 1 progress
    -Slims tier 2 heal bug and spore launcher are insane. His tier 3 is even more insane.
    -Torvald’s tier 1 fragmentation disk, 1000 hits are you people insane? For tier 1???

I seriously don’t understand how these mastery challenges got past testing. Whoever was in charge of it really needs to fix that shit.


How is point 2 related to Hunters Quest?


Well the main idea of Hunters Quest is to help with mastery progress in Evolve, so I think the tier 4 masteries are relevant.


So I’ve been unable to launch Hunters Quest for the past two weeks, always says it requires a net connection (which is definitely available…) to proceed. Meh…


Mines been having some weird connectivity issues randomly too lol


Still no word on tier 4 making an appearance in hunters quest?


I wish. I REALLY hope they do. I enjoy this game.