Tier 4 hunters are OP



I had a snarky response ready and everything.


“Never gonna give you OP (hunters)”


Rick roll op, pls nerf


The thread actually exists though lol


Me too, I came all claws unsheathed and all! snikt


Had my steel-toes on and everything…

You got me OP (AAAH AAAAAH! I’ll show myself out).


You got me I was rolling my eyes looking at the title.


Great song 10/10

(Seriously though I like the music…)


I’ve always enjoyed being rickrolled, tbh.


This? This is how you troll. Take notes, people.


Caira, Sunny, Maggie and Markov might be worse than the CCMM comp.
They will always find you no matter what. With caira and sunny swapping their speed burst and jetoack boost in combat make them untouchable with maggie’s harpoons. As for markov, well he’s markov.

Slim sounds like he could be op, but not as cheese as caira.

These three young women will rekt any monster. cue ‘who run the world’ song when female assault enters the picture.

Who run the Sheer? Girls, girls… who slay these muthafxxxr…


There we go, finally something worthy!

I knew it was going to happen though. Off topic :confused:


Saw @Harry_Ellis’ Avatar icon as thread creator. You didn’t catch me out this time!


They are DLC characters, of course they are going to be OP. Spend cash for OP characters dawg. But we got DLC monsters to counter DLC characters. And they can’t be that over powered… can they?


Not sure if joking or cereal >_>



Actually I want to change this thread into a serious one since, as I trusted TRS despite all the unbalanced hunter stuff my monsters took in the face from the beginning, Tier 4 is actually so fucking ridiculous I cannot even believe it.
Mortar is way more OP than Cabot railgun was, and don’t even bother to tell me like a stupid lvl 20 “you can counter it by dodging blahblah…”

Because once the even more OP Sunny jetpack booster brings an infinity of Griffin harpoons (Griffin that you can’t down since he is shielded by the drone, basically a second support - WTF- and even if you focus the poor spamming prick dodging like a ninja with the jetpack boost, you get all the Torvald peanuts in the butt), there is no way to avoid at least 1 or 2 mortars, enough to melt your armor if you had the luck it was full.

Once the dome disappears you can try to runaway, but wait a minute…No actually, cos Griffin is moving as fast as you with the jetpack boost provided by Sunny keeping up with - OH WAIT - Caira speed boost!

Go ahead hunters, take Torvald Griffin Caira Sunny and win every game against Goliath, the poor little prick that was supposed to be the poster boy and actually was no more than a piece of garbage, good to farm wildlife and kill newbies.



It’s okay Harry, it will get easier in the days to come. ^.-


Do you feel how pissed I am?