Tier 4 hunter/ monster community challenges


As you have noticed most likely, all community challenges so far have been about challenges of tier 1 - 3 exclusively. This is probably due to the fact, that some people would not benefit from a free skin for Torvald for example because they didn’t buy him. I think that I may have found something that would solve this problem:

Let’s say the challenge is “Do 1 000 000 extra damage via Torvalds weakspots, do 1 250 000 for a bonus”
Now here is the idea: If the goal is reached, those who already have Torvald will receive a skin or a skin pack as usual. But those who don’t will get 50% off Torvald for 1 week to buy, and 50% off the hunting pass in case of the bonus (for example).

With this everyone will have a benefit and those who didn’t buy the Tier 4 hunters - because lets be honest, they are rather expensive - might be encouraged to try them out eventually.

Ignoring the numbers and percantages, what’s your opinion on this idea? Let me know.


I like this, VERY much.


I think this wouldn’t work for the sole fact that not everybody would be able to contribute to the challenge.


Well you don’t have to be that lucky to end up in a pug with a Torvald as assault, especially when there is a challenge active. And we have seen in the past challenges that you don’t need to play the challenged character yourself to be rewarded afterwards, as long as you play at least 1 game alongside or against it.
So I don’t really see how someone would not have the chance to contribute to the challenge :wink:


I know, but if you don’t have the characters you can’t directly contribute. People wouldn’t like having to rely on others to complete a challenge. Also, the people getting the sale won’t feel like they earned it, even if it is free money.


I’d just like to see some individual challenges. That way, those of us who have T4 or Behemoth can earn skins and other people don’t need to be bothered. That and I’d just like to see individual challenges anyway. I like being the only person responsible for achieving or failing a goal.

Failing that, I like that the T4 hunters are included in the stretch goals, but what about Behemoth? Why are there no monster stretch goals? Dude needs some skins.


I like the idea of a discount, though I worry people would think they were trying to be goaded into buying the DLC, rather than seeing it as a discount. Maybe instead people without the DLC could get a code for a store skin of their choosing? That would be kind of cool.


I’d feel it would just be a high number of damage with his shotun/motor just how they did buckets turrets or sunny boost x amount, crow send gobi x meters and slim, well that one idk, maybe blind x.many monsters or send out x many healing bugs