Tier 4 hunter combos


interested in any ideas the community has for cool hunter combos now that tier 4 will be added to the mix. For those of you who don’t know there is currently 81 combinations of hunters, but come march 31 there will be 256 combinations!

The ones I can think of is torvald and griffin (or any trapper, but mainly griffin)
laz and sunny (because if anyone needs super jetpacks its laz)
cabot/bucket and crow (great tracking potential, even more so than abe)
slim, cabot, and torvald (damage amp, markers, and a combat medic)
gobi and anyone because gobi sees all (O.o)

obviously the hunters will work with anyone, but there’s nothing better then chaining together super sweet combos, and I’d love to hear new ideas


Maybe Val , Cabot and Crow on Behemoth so you can do a lot of damage to health cus multipliers


and torvald


Torvald, Griffin, Hank and Val <-- high impact with the weak points, with multiple opportunities to force monsters from tight spots

Sunny, Caira, Parnell and Abe <-- super fast team, great at hounding down the monster once it’s found.

Crow, Bucket, Caira and Hyde <-- Tracking super team, keeping their distance and letting Hyde go to work

Slim, Parnell, Griffin, Cabot <-- in your face team!

There, one team based around each of the T4 hunters :wink:


I have to disagree with the Laz and Sunny because the jetpack booster gives away Laz.


I think the idea is that Laz will go for the cloak revive, then Sunny can give him jetpack boost right out of the danger zone.


understandable, though i would just say don’t keep it on him while he’s invisible. Really more for when the monsters in your face a nice super jetpack up and away to clear distance. similar to hanks shield projector. granted the same could be said about any hunter, but laz pulls an exceptional amount of agro