Tier 4 hunter and behemoth skins


I was looking forward to new skins but i personally am dissapointed that only the jade skin was released so far. I love this game so i dont mind showing TRS support by buying a few skins here and there for my favourite hunters and monsters every now and then. Does anyone know what happened to the sandstone skin for behemoth or have any idea if there are plans for tier four hunter skins? Also i want to add that i am dissapointed that they did not allow you to unlock more than one skin for each character. I personally think you should have been able to unlock new skins as you mastered the character instead of just a emblem so im not just saying unleash a ton of paid mini transactions.


There’s no word on new skins at the moment due to priorities like fixing behemoth armour bug, most likely, we will probably see then in a week or two.


Cosmic skins are out, and they look nice. O.o


I think they may be releasing them slower than before. Last time they dropped a ton of skins all at once, people got upset. So maybe they are just trying to meter the new skins out more. But I feel you, I want more too…even though I have more than enough.


I don’t really use skins, because I don’t play monster. I have quite a few though…


and this.

with this should quench your thirst until new skins come out.


Skins keep them in line, almost as good as the Hypnotoad does. ^.^


The only monster skin I don’t have is the Carnivor skin. I have all the other ones as I like to switch between them, the new savage skin is pretty awesome on Wraith and Kraken. I might buy it if the Kraken had a red glowing face if not I’ll just think about it.


Someone needs to make that gif with Gobi


I would love them for life…


What new Skins are all talking about?
On the Pc i saw no new Skin yesterday in the shop, whether i read about it the whole day on the forum.
Also i got no two new maps which should be included in the 2.0
I also saw no st.patricks Event skin for the Trappers (but i must admit i wasn’T particularly looking for it)