Tier 4 Day 1 New Characters. Who do you like to play the most?


Let’s hear, hunters and huntresses! I know there’s a lot of threads about some complaints and a general feedback thread, but

Day 1 of Tier 4: Finished!


I’m loving the hell out of Behemoth (stompy stompy) and Torvald is my new assault even though I know he’ll be getting nerfs after a few weeks. Otherwise, I haven’t played Crow or Sunny at all, and Slim only once.

Who’s the most fun to play? Behemoth included.

(Let’s keep this to ‘who’s the most fun’ and not ‘who’s the best’ or ‘who’s the least broken’, please.)


Behemoth is great, I haven’t played with the hunters yet, but I havce played alongside them. all of them seem fun. I think I’d like Sunny


Playing against the new hunters can feel like a losing battle, I’m so unused to new strategies!

Between Slim, Torvald and Behemoth I’d definitely pick Behemoth, but since I main monster I’m probably a bit biased~. It was a lot of fun melting a confused Goliath with the mortars though!

R.I.P. Goliath 2015 never forget.


I think the opposite, I could easily overwhelm them with my good old Kraken overwhelming


Yeah… my one Slim game I died in seconds to a Kraken.

Don’t know what the accuracy is on that vampire gun, but it’s gonna take some practice.


Behemoth is an oddball, I’ve had some losses to him but I wonder if they had more to do with bad dodging on my team’s part than his merit.

He feels kind of weak at the moment, honestly, but I’m still holding out for Behemoth players that make me rethink that position.

My first impression of Torvald was that he was definitely overpowered, but I’ve come to realize he is weak against constantly moving Monsters and, ironically, Monsters that get in his face.

He feels like the least dangerous Assault to hug as the Monster, but he can’t be ignored at range.

I think he might actually be balanced - but regardless he is definitely the most fun to play.

Sunny is incredible, and it is very fun to be the target of her Jetpack Beam.

I always viewed Bucket and Cabot as second-rate supports relative to Hank, but Sunny seems capable of actually challenging the 'ol beardman with her less direct, but potentially amazing protection.

Definitely a fun support.

Haven’t played Slim, and I’m honestly fairly indifferent to him.

I’ve never been much of a Medic player, but he seems to get the job done on my team.

No nervousness like when a Val is on the team or constant fear of a wipe as when we have a Lazarus.

Seems to be on Caira’s level.

Crow feels sufficiently powerful, but I don’t find playing him terribly interesting.

Gobi tracking can be kinda fun, but he shares a weak early game with Griifin and Abe.

In fights its simply charge a slow shot and proceed to shoot with the rifle to your heart’s content.


I definitely agree with you on Torvald, if he can’t use his mortars then it’s like a cat playing with a mouse.

Slim I wasn’t stoked for, but I’m ready for some Sunny and Crow action tomorrow. Can’t wait! Had a few matches where I played all-Tier4 and Sunny’s drone frustrated me to no end! Looking forward to inflicting that on some poor Wraith down the line.


Crow is my new favourtite Trapper. Never felt so dangerous when playing Trapper before. I’m actually kind of unsure whether the Kinetic Long Rifle isn’t slightly OP right now - Let’s just say that I deal about 6-7k of health damage in every match.

Torvald is perfect. Maybe his mastery isn’t but he is. Mortars are sufficiently dangerous while also harder to hit, and his shotgun gets the job done without turning out to be OP. Shrapnel grenades are actually really hard to hit - but the bonus damage seems worth it.

Sunny’s main weapon and Shield Drone are great. Her jetpack booster is also very fun to use (Doming monsters on Stage One every second match or so now). But I’m worried that its capacity might need to go down by a tiny bit. It feels OP.

Slim is… hard to pull off. You usually get roflstomped when playing up close, but he somehow manages to do just that. It’s magical.


I can’t wait to use Crow, he sounds so legit.

As far as Medics go, I think I’ll be staying as Lazarus, but my game was really short so who knows? Maybe he’ll grow on me. Lazarus makes it too much fun to run over to a guy the monster is physically standing on, spark him and then run away giggling like an idiot.


I have played with Crow and Torvald so far (the former who I have almost gotten to elite already) and going off of just those two I must say that I am having a lot of fun. Definitely glad I grabbed that season pass and looking forward to trying out Sunny and Slim.


balance issues aside, zipping back and forth with the jet burst on across the dome when I get targeted feels great

balance issues included, I am contemptuous/sad



Wai yew do dis. ;-;


Behemoth is too weak. All of the hunters are good.


I have to agree about Torvald, I fear he’ll get nerfed too hard because when he hits, he hits hard. He’s practically useless against Kraken though, as 2 of his weapons are extremely hard to hit with on mobile monsters and almost impossible to hit on a flying one. Sure he straight up murders Behemoths that don’t move, but it just means he has to be focused or dealt with.

I mastered the grenades, but frankly I rarely use them, I’d rather get in another barrage of mortars or shells. I take Capacity for massive extra damage with the guy. Not a fan of his character, but I love his kit.

Sunny is a ton of fun to play and feels perfectly well balanced. It certainly takes a few matches to get used to her kit, but man, EVERYONE loves the jetpack booster. I usually take reload or jetpack to keep up.

Crow is by far the most interesting Trapper to me. I’m still learning how best to use Gobi, but I love the stasis gun and the Long Rifle. Jetpack again, but reload is nice too. I don’t think it affects Gobi though.

Slim…I love the design and everything about him, but I think he’s the weakest medic, mostly because he can’t heal the person being targeted for anywhere near enough, and he can’t defend himself at all. Just about everyone I played with took Damage Resistance with him. His Masteries also need reworking.

Behemoth, haven’t played him, but I have a fair few skulls on the mantle, and so does he. He hits like the truck that the other ‘hit like a truck’ moves were shipped in on. Rolling is too quiet, Behemoth can still pull of some amazing jukes.

All of these need a few days for people to get used to them before we start any serious calls about OP/UP. Our Behemoth player went from dying horribly every match to giving us a damn good thrashing with the new beast.


Still making my mind on this. Sure he can’t heal sustained damage on a single hunter, but when you factor in this 'ù^$% pheromone bombs, it becomes ludicrously hard to focus a single hunter. Time with support for group cloak + pheromone cloud and you have a very disoriented monster!


Crow is great, though not as great as I’d hoped. I wanted someone who was a much better tracker to offset the poor trackers already in game. Gobi’s line of sight corridor feels very restrictive, but not unfair. Personal disappointment, not really anything I can say the game is doing wrong :smile:

Slim is a tough cookie to get used to. This guy needs great positioning, lots of weapon switch…I think I’ll love him when I get the hang, but like Val the strength is going to be in mastering the full arsenal of his abilities.

Sunny is spoiling me now too, in games without her I am finding being a trapper much more frustrating!

Behemoth is a great addition. Once more people learn how to play him I think that he’ll be the new “fun” match pick. Right now if I see the monster is Goliath or Behemoth I know I’m going to have a fun game. Wraith has got more fun after all the changes but is still by nature very frustrating, and Kraken is (at least with the people I’m playing against) just too much for anything less than a team that know what they’re doing and play together regularly to reliably deal with. So I hope that Behemoth stays roughly where he is.

I can see the merit in people complaining about Torvald’s strength with the mortars, it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out, there’s still a lot of adapting that monster players need to attempt first.

All in all though, a good release I feel. I’d say that there are more pressing issues with certain tier 1-3 characters and monsters than there are with tier 4 right now.


The thing I fear with Torvald is that hunters learning to master his mortar will be more impactful than monsters learning to dodge it. Just making one mistake or getting harpooned at the wrong time means an insane amount of health lost. We’ll see after a few days though.


My Day One Impressions:

The character I played the most was Sunny. I prefer Support, and she’s a ton of fun. I found no problems with her myself, but I did see one exploit that I think is unfair - her jetpack booster allows the trapper to throw a dome and then escape his own dome. If it’s not fair for Wraith to easily escape a dome then the trapper should, by no means, be able to do so. I would advise making it so that if the trapper isn’t in the dome, the dome automatically goes down. (I know, that’s not a Sunny experience, but it’s related to the jetpack booster)

I played Slim a fair bit, but I haven’t gotten a handle on him yet. So far he seems to be pretty good, so no complaints there.

I played Crow one time, but I really hate playing trapper, so my feelings on him are probably jaded. He felt okay to play as, though I think his charged stasis shot it a bit too much at the present. It probably needs to last for a shorter time.

Torvald I have not yet gotten to play at all, but I watched some streams with him and I think his mortar is too much. It needs to have a longer cooldown, probably by 2 or 3 seconds. Otherwise he seems fine.

Behemoth I have played only in Solo games thus far, trying to get a feel for him. I won all three solo matches, but he feels incredibly squishy. I doubt he will do well in multi-player matches, and I think he’s going to wind up as one of those “pro gamer only” monsters (meaning only pro-gamers will find him to be usable). Time will tell on the big guy.

All-in-all I found Day One to be pretty good, other than the match I was put in as trapper and had a player go off with a bad attitude on me. That pretty much ended my desire to play for the rest of the day and I ended it by just watching @MaddCow in his stream.


I didn’t know MaddCow streamed, can you give me his Twitch handle? Wanna watch that.

Trapper escaping the dome seems like a game ruiner for sure, I didn’t think of that.


Really love the hunters I’ve played so far.

Sunny - Annoying voice but the shield bot and jetpack assist are great at you know…support. Also her weapon, geez, I remember tearing up monsters yesterday like I was the assault class.

Slim - Really likeable personality, he looked bland in the images, how do you add personality to an insect? But the voice actor does a really good job of making him some cool guy, too bad I won’t be able to hear dialogue between him and Val oh! and let’s not forget he has a really cool fast paced play style based mainly around DPS (Damage per second) reward.

Gobi - Really cool rail cannon, reminds me of Metal Gear Rex in the Metal Gear Solid Games, Gobi is super cute also with his little goggles and his general patience is rewarded by charging the rail cannon or the slow gun.

Behemoth - I’m a bad monster player but my performance as him was shockingly bad, he really does seem to need a buff and as such I will stick with the Wraith and Kraken till it gets a buff.