Tier 4 and Lennox locked plus missing all my skins (PS4

So I go on Evolve on my PS4, I check to see if the Calypso skin is online, sure enough it is, but I also notice that I can’t buy it or anything, plus when I got into a solo I couldn’t play as any of t4 or Lennox and all the skins I’ve purchased are gone. I still have the voodoo, gold, and frostbite skins thiuggg

PSN is having issues right now: https://status.playstation.com/en-us/

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I seem to remember hearing this happen on PS4 previously so it may just be PSN or something. If another PlayStation user could confirm whether there is a problem that would be awesome. :smile:

Try unlinking and linking your my2k account.

Edit: Or @Plaff could ninja me and explain everything. :wink:


I don’t think it’s my 2k account. I have all my mysteries and elite skins, plus my voodoo and predators

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That makes sense.
It seems it is just PSN anyway so I wouldn’t worry too much. :smile:

Same problem here, yesterday bought tier 4 and cant play evolve and PSN is down :frowning:

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If the item requires an entitlement check from PSN (aka you bought it) you will not be able to access until PSN comes back unfortunately. If you find that you cannot access your DLC and PSN is up, please start a new thread. Thank you!