Tier 4+5 (full body) skins


So, do the devs have any plans to add more skins for tier 4/5? As a player who mains solely tier 4+5 hunters, I would like to see some more skins. Any word on skins for Kala, Crow, Torvald or Emet?


Would be pretty sweet, as I would like to see some colors other than default and elite on more Hunters. When I play Hunter its just too sad when I am pink or something and everyone else just looks so… Normal.

Liek if u cry evry tim :sob:


Yes. Since T1-3 have plenty of weapon skins and T2 has multiple Hunter skins, T4 & 5 should have more focus on skins to balance the amount.

My Emet feels naked


Honestly they should add a workshop.Communities can do wonders


Communities can also turn Bucket into something along the lines of a dildo that shoots tinier dildos at the giant fire breathing dildo. You gotta be careful when you put things into the internet’s hands


Well people can send trs their creations and they can put on the store whatever they approve of


Behemoth and Gorgon too please.


You’ll be pleased to know that Behemoth and Gorgon already have a very nice list of skins. Its just a matter of time now before they are put back into the game with updates and events. So stay tuned! :wink:


I know they have some, but the first three monsters have more.

Also theey need to be in the game, yes. As long as they aren’t they might as well not exist, it boils down to the same thing.


Get the elite :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m just glad to have a Snow Leopard-like skin for Crow with his Elite skin. If they added more, that would be great too.


It’s odd that some characters have 3 skins while most have 0.


FTFY :sweat_smile:


Twinsies! But honestly, the only elite characters I have are T4 and T5. The only one I don’t have elite is Behemoth. I think the community has been asking for T4 and T5 skins for a long while now. That said, I’m excited to see what TRS has in store for our favourite characters in terms of skins.


I already have the elite. I want more vibrant colors and not the Navy Blue with Gold and Camo texture.

he needs a glitter skin


Yep. Especially since they have so many weapon skins already.

Thus we need more T4&5 skins. Please TRS!