Tier 3 Medgun


So, i’m trying to get Elite Val, and the last medgun challenge, I just don’t understand. I got 3 time, but I don’t know how I got them. I heal them while they are down, and still noting. I heal them when they in red, and still nothing. So… What do you do?


How it works is that you need to heal 100% of a Hunter’s health bar before they go incapped. So for instance, lets say that Markov is 100% health. You engage and he is now 40% health. You heal him back up to full for 60%. Next engage he takes 50% damage. You heal him up against and you have now healed 110% of his healthpool. This means you get credit for 1 of those marks. Each hunter has their own pool. So lets say Hank, Hyde and Griffin all take 40% damage. You healed 120% worth of health, but each hunter keeps progress track differently. Basically, heal people and don’t let them get incapped.


Hunters in Evolve have around 1400 hp.
The assignment asks you to heal a single hunter for 1400 hp without him being incapped, that’s very easy to do. Just keep healing everyone around, keep them topped. Once you heal that specific hunter for 1400 hp you gain +1 to your assignment and you can do it again in the same round, as the counter for that specific hunter resets.
The healing process doesn’t need to be uninterrupted, you can heal them for small amounts in between fights and it will still count towards progress, as long as they haven’t been interrupted until you gained that +1 point towards assignment on them.