Tier 2 Variants


Is there a thread where we can discuss and speculate on the next set of variants?

I would like to see a “pre-tampered” thrower for Hyde: Chem Hyde/Hazardous Hyde

A movie star Griffin would be cool. More harpoons attach but less reach more pull: Glorified Griffin (not a good name)

Then a Bucket that had grenade turrets, rockets that separate mid-air, and a drone head with a minigun: Bombardier Bucket/Militarised Bucket

And last but not least, a Lazarus that steals health with his gun, can slowly raise fallen teammates with a lazer glove, and an invisibility that radiates to slowly heal your team: Reaper Laz/Soul Laz

I have more ideas and tweaks to the abilities I mentioned. Working on concepting my own tier.

Thanks for reading, and apologies if this is on the wrong thread

Adaptation Ideas 2!

We tend to keep adaptation ideas in this thread.

Very interesting ideas by the way. They sound like quite fun play styles.

Do you want me to move your post over to that thread for you? :slight_smile:


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We already have aain thread for adaptation ideas so I’ve moved some posts over to there. :slight_smile: