Tier 1 Adaptations Have Dumbed Down Hunter Skill


Previously, the hunters had a much tougher skill curve than the monsters whereas it took time and skill to be able to fight a skilled monster, but this is not the case anymore.

The tier 1 adaptions have made playing as hunters much easier to the point where the skill curves have almost switched around: its harder to be a skilled monster than it is a skilled hunter.

The old tier 1 hunters took some serious skill because they required maintenance of line of skill, and carefully times abilities. Hank had to time his shield perfectly in order to block high damage monster abilities, and Val had to have line of sight in order to heal. Now Rogue Val can heal passively and Hank can buff up shields whenever he isn’t taking a smoke break.


Uhhhhhhhh, Blitzy, Techen, and Mad Magx require a good amount of skill.


I’d argue that was a little but of the point, especially with Rogue Val. The Dev’s full on said they needed to make an easier medic so newbies could have an easier go at it. If I remember correctly, RV didn’t do too hot in the last Evolve Comps that went down and those are some high skill cats!


Lol, the only decent adaptation is Rogue Val, but she requires all team mates to be good at dodging cause she can’t heal ppl through burst damage at all. Original T1 hunters are actually stronger than adaptations.


The adaptations are fun, that’s all that matters to me. It’s nice.


I think in Rogue Val and Tech Sgt Hank’s case, it requires more skill (in dodging) from their teammates than themselves in particular.

Rogue Val doesn’t have the high healing that regular Val does; she needs her team to be able to avoid some attacks to keep their health up. They also need to be within 30m to even get the AoE healing.

Tech Sgt Hank requires a lot of setup time for his shields to be useful, and in-combat, they are highly lacking unless his teammates are dodging well enough for him to charge them up again. Even then, he won’t get them to full before they get hit.


I don’t think Rogue Val is easy at all. I have tons of hours in with Vanilla Val, and MUCH prefer her.

The biggest issue is the rate of draining on the MedGun. When it chains, even when you don’t want it to, it drains SOOOO fast. If you aren’t running capacity, it’s gonna be empty before you’ve healed anyone. And, with no heal burst for emergencies, it’s even harder.

Techy Hank, on the other hand, has to think ahead with the shielding. Honestly, I think point and shield when needed is almost easier.


I’d say that while the Tier 1 adaptations have generally made the entry point for certain characters lower, they have actually increased the requirement of learning how to play hunter properly.

With Rogue Val your team positioning is much more important than with Val, who only really needs to worry about positioning in relation to a focused hunter, and without the slows on offer the team as a whole need to be much better at self-mitigation

Tech Hank is a simpler hank to work with but the way his shields work mean that as a team there is a real necessity to understand your limits in combat before you’re going beyond the defensive capabilities of the suport.

Blitz Markov requires much better forward thinking than markov. it’s not enough to think “The monster will be there in 3 seconds a mine will hurt him”, you need to be thinking about where you can draw the monster to be in 30 seconds time, and where the mine in that location can be placed without it just getting countered with an AoE or other attack to waste it’s usage. Unlike Markov it’s also much more important to keep with the monster as it moves, as breaks in LoS really cost you.

Then Wasteland Maggie, plays a lot more like Griffin than Maggie, somewhere in between. Anticipating the monster’s movement is still there but less in the running ahead and setting traps blindly way, your single trap counts for a lot and using it at the right time, in the right place, is a more skillful affair than vanilla Maggie offers. Daisy having less HP also means the team as a whole need to be aware that the crutch of free revives is less likely to be around.

So… no… I don’t think they’ve dumbed down hunter skill, but they have made the learning curve a bit more managable.


Umm, I would argue that the adaptations are much more difficult to play at a high level. Rouge Val has weaker healing and can’t handle burst damage very well. Tech Hank can’t handle burst damage either. Wasteland Maggie has much less CC. Blitz Markov does less damage unless he is able to keep both a short distance and LOS which makes him pretty easy to counter.


Blitz Markov taking less skill? Lol.
MadMags has a smaller clip, so you need to aim better plus she’s got only 1 harpoon, which decreases her effectiveness.
TT Hank: Kinda. His Orbital doesn’t knock back anymore, which is good for unexperienced players and bad for experienced players, his shield now requires more skill from his teammates, because he can’t shield them in combat. Lower clip: Needs to target more - so this one is meh, bit of both.
RVal: I’d say she is indeed easier, you can focus much better on your DPS instead of healing, which is not so punishing in case you forget it. Her Sniper Rifle is easier to use because you’ve got 3 shots and her Tranqg is basically the same.

Besides: Would it be bad if the skill cap was lower? Imo that’s better (after all that’s the character that you’ll play once you start with the game) and they can also increase the skill for later characters i.e. Lennox/Parnell need much more skill than Markov.


Not true, imo. This is very powerful as it lets hunters sit in the OD, punishing focus. The monster stays to take a strike and lose lots of HP, or moves to lose the hunter and breaks focus. With the OB, it would send hunters flying by accident too, causing all kinds of chaos.

Not really? She has burst fire, offering higher accuracy. With regular Maggie, you had to burst fire at med-long range anyway, but it was manual. This just makes it so it’s a single tap. You can repeatedly tap for high accuracy bursts, that will also do residual burn. It’s great for chip on the chase, too.

The adaptations comp is very strong. It’s possibly made some of the “UP” hunters/adaptations more viable.

RV/TsgH/WLM works well. Need to try this with EMET and see if it’s as effective.


I wouldn’t say they lowered they bar of entry because their concepts are fairly complex as far as understanding what it takes to be a decent hunter

But it has closed the gap in skill between high tier and entry level

I think though, if you look at the history of the changes in EVOLVE and its mechanics throughout the whole year… That’s kinda been the point

trying to lower the gap caused by skill between four random people fighting a good monster… without necessarily affecting the balance of a coordinated team fighting a good monster


Rogue Val’s heal-other is weak and bursting someone down is easy, then she has a bit of damage. She’s meant for newbies, that Sniper-Elite playstyle is prevalent. Lower skill floor, and low skill ceiling, I think. Easy to learn and master, but not as good as others.

Tech Sgt. Hank is just bad IMO. The second the preliminary shields are down in a fight, all he has is some mediocre focus denial and piss poor damage. It’s like Hank, but he can only use the shield projector once and then never again.

Blitz Markov takes more skill to use than Markov, easily.

And Wasteland Maggie, Iunno. She does feel more noob friendly than Maggie.


I dont think Mad Mags and Tech Dude Hank require much skill. Blitz requires a little more, yes, but the other 2 are simpler than their OG counterparts imo.


blitz markov requires more skill than normal markov :what:


Tech hank does same if not more damage in quick bursts. OG hank has to wait for the right moment to strike with orbital, and laser cutter is decent.


Don’t get me wrong, his damage is ok; but it doesn’t justify his poor defence. It’s literally just Hank, but he can only shield each person once per fight…


The idea of the Shield Charger is pretty cool. It’s the time required to fully charge that sucks. The fact it has similar capacity to OG Hank’s shield as well makes it rather weak in combat.


I mean, sort of. I really dislike Hank. The moment you drop in you can shield up everyone. On top of that, assault had two shields now. And we all know any good assault will take some damage before using the PS.


all I know is tech sgt hank is terrible, after the initial shield runs out, gl keeping your team alive vs a good monster