Tie conditions on Rescue & Nest - do they exist?


Yesterday I was playing a full round of evacuation as the monster, (my first campaign, yay!) and I was engaged in a rather frantic round of Rescue. It came down to the wire, as I needed to kill all 5 of the final group. It came down to a dramatic fight on the launchpad, and it came down to 2 incapped characters dead on the launchpad.

Finally, I was beating on the last survivor, no hunters in sight. As I dealt the final blow, a melee attack, the survivor split into two: their corpse fell onto the platform and their other self got beamed up to the ship. Counted as a hunter win, but since I could see their corpse, I felt a little gipped.

So, question for @MacMan: Can you tie on Rescue or Nest?

P.S. Evacuation is so much fun!!