Thx for not listening to me and many others


The Kraken is definitely overpowered. I am not saying make it way less powerful but its attacks’ range and power need to be lessened slightly. I love how the developers release an alpha and a beta and ask us for our feedback but then make no changes we ask for. The feedback that came in on the turtlerock and 2k forums was mostly saying the Kraken should be nerfed. They don’t care about their fanbase/comsumers or else they would have nerfed the Kraken. I was one of the players of the alpha that posted feedback just to find out they completely ignored me. If you are owning the Kraken then you are playing against a monster player that is not good. If you are a good monster then you can kill a whole team of good hunters at level 1, this is unacceptable and I have done it many times. This game is ruined by op monsters end of story. For these reasons I wont be buying this game and neither should you.


Kraken was OP in alpha, now its perfectly balanced. Sorry to say this but ; get better? or get a team?


They did, though. They listened to the people who knew what they were talking about, and they made it right. Nobody don’t care much for your " I’ve got 20/0 as Kraken so it’s clearly OP ", if the average scores across skill levels show that the W/L rate is even, then it’s good.

If they listened to every single bit of " Feedback " posted on this forum, Wraith would be a slow, instakillable target that lost a quarter of it’s HP every time she cast decoy, Lazarus would only be able to revivify allies by killing himself and healing the monster in the process, and Hyde would be able to take a goliath on 1v1. There’s a difference between useful feedback and whining. Kraken was slightly over the top in alpha, got fixed since, and is now in a good spot.

Also, way to go with threatening to withhold sales. Why not hold your breath while you’re at it?


Thanks for trollin!

To be more clear the feedback from the Alpha was that it was over-powered and they tweaked it down. The feedback from the Beta (a bit overshadowed by the hub bub over Wraith) was that they tweaked it down a little too far. So what was released was somewhere in the middle. Having played several matches against Kraken and even one (unintentionally, I was pulled in mid-game) as the Monster it is highly beatable, as always you need to have a team that can coordinate and has an intelligent plan of attack. It isn’t OP.


So you don’t have the game but you are making speculations?Wtf.

Also Kraken is nerfed.Kraken was my favorite monster in Alpha but right now i can’t win with it anymore.Simply because its slow and against DECENT hunters you can never escape.

So bottom line you know nothing from the game.Just trollin.

Oh yea and if you mean that you played through friends or something.I have bad news for you.You are very bad hunters.
Kraken is the easiest monster to keep and Dome+kill at stage 1.So yeah.Not just bad hunters.VERY bad hunters


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Evolve is a asymmetric shooter!

a·sym·met·ric (ā′sĭ-mĕt′rĭk) also a·sym·met·ri·cal (-rĭ-kəl)
a. Having no balance or symmetry: an asymmetric design.
b. Uneven in distribution.
a. Existing or occurring between two incommensurate entities, especially to the detriment of one.
b. Characterized by an imbalance in power between two opponents in an armed conflict, especially one in which a weaker force uses unconventional means, such as guerilla or terrorist tactics


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They don’t JUST listen to the player base, they ALSO check the telemetry. In previous cases: The telemetry must have told them that it wasn’t OP.

Right now, everyone is whining about kraken because of it’s massive ability damage. Well guess what, it’s because that’s the only way to get kills these days with slims spam-tastic aoe healing that marginalizes damage over time and slow damage effects.

It’s not as simple as “Kraken is OP”, Kraken is good against Tier4 hunters… his high mobility basically shuts down Torvald, Sunny, and Crow (the most over-played synergy in the game at the moment).

There are a MULTITUDE of threads out there with plenty of great topic on how to down a Kraken. I suggest you read them.

And I also suggest that JUST MAYBE, the Developers know what they’re doing… and don’t listen to EVERY conflicting opinion on the internet, and seek PROOF to back it up and see that maybe in fact it’s true (Just like they did with Wraith).

Behemoth is getting a massive bug fix that will practically double his armor and health.
Kraken is getting a bug fix to slow him again when casting lightning and aftershock.

So other monsters will be getting HARDER soon… and it’s sorely needed in my opinion. The fact that everyone is playing Kraken right now isn’t because it’s overpowered, but because it’s the least cheezed by the current hunters.


Kraken has a bugging going for him right now that makes him not lose speed when he is charging his lightning strike. If I remember correctly, I don’t think it’s with any of his other moves.

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