Thursday, Dec 4 -- Reddit AMA with Turtle Rock Studios -- ENDED


Join Turtle Rock Studios from 10am to 12pm PT on Thursday, December 4th 2014 on /r/EvolveGame

You have questions, we want to answer them (as best as possible)!


The Monsters revealing


I would like to know all of the devs’ favorite colors.


Oh, this is going to rock!


Sounds like 3rd monster will be relieved before then… i hope…since it is an AMA.


I would like to know when was the devs favorite moment in development. Such as certain weapons, animations, third monster… Etc.


This is actually the page I used to hang out before I knew there was a forum for this place. They’ve really made it nicer since then!


And then you ascended to a better place lol


AMA? As in…Ask me ANYTHING…? As in…We’ll get direct answers from TRS about the beta situation…?


Lmao <3 TRS


I’ve never participated in a Reddit AMA. Anyone have experience with them know how well they can respond to hundreds of people asking questions?


They decide what they want to respond to :slight_smile:


So like a Presidential Debate? :stuck_out_tongue:


Do the questions have to pertain only to Evolve?


Ha, this forum is basically a 24/7 ama with how active the devs are on here


The fourth of December is my birthday. All /most questions answered about evolve from trs themselves? Best birthday gift ever. Lol


Since I will most likely be busy from 8:10 to 2:40 (Unless a freak snowstorm happens, which is a real possiblility) I will not be capable of attending the AmA.

Here are the questions I would have liked to ask.

Q: How many Maps can you find Canyon Eels on?

Q: Why were the Canyon Eels not in the Alpha?

Q: Are there any other fully-aquatic wildlife species?

Q: How many different types of “Situational” Wildlife exist

Q: How many gamemodes are not revealed yet?


I haven’t decided if I want to watch the AMA… I dont understand how Reddit works… what do you guys think the chances are that some crazy stuff will come out on it?


Nothing crazy. If you want you can just wait and someone will post the relevant stuff. That being said, if you have any questions let me know, they’ve answered most of mine so far and I only have a handful left.


Inb4 thousands new people asking questions that they/we already answered on the forums :slight_smile:


Won’t be able to attend, so Imma leave a few questions here if someone’s willing to ask for me:

Q: Is there any possibility of the community being able to design a monster/hunter in the future?

Q: What are the chances of a burrowing monster being added in the future? I’ve heard it’s not feasible, but GOW: Judgement did fairly well with the Corpser. What is the current technical issue?