Threw a Rock WHILE Leap Smashing


I have the clip (I will most likely post it if people really want to see it). But it’s basically like the title says, I essentially flew in an arc while taking this rock from some invisible earth, to which I proceeded to chuck at the hunters.

I know it sounds epic in writing and in my head I’m imagining an Indiana Jones-esque scene with the hunter pushing each-other out of the way of the rock, but one look at clip and it’s laughably awkward.


I wunna seeeeee.


It was mentioned by others before that this is possible, from some videos I’ve seen it does ridiculous damage to a single target, and can take two thirds health of from even from a group.


Yeah, many Goliaths have been known to do this. I’ve seen it as well. It’s the Space Jam Slam.

When Golath is jumping towards you with a rock in his hand, you know you are about to get slammed.


I got video of it