Three things that could make evolve even more fun!


Hello !

Here are some ideas that I think would make the game even better.

  • Let both Hunters and Monster select 1 or more advantages like the ones on evacuation at the beginning of each quick match. That alone will make the game much more varied and it will add more strategy to the game from the start.

  • Unlock all characters: For a paid game with no campaign I think is a very big error not to allow the players have access to all the characters from the first moment, as it just makes the game much more repetitive, even online where most people will play with the same freaking characters simply because everybody starts with those characters, specially when unlocking them is so goddamn slow ( also people will start ranging a bit less about all the DLC deal ).
    EDIT: Never mind, now I get it, you need one star on each ability, I thought you needed 3 stars on each ability to get the next character.

  • Modes with more Hunters and Monsters mixed, like 8 players versus 2 monsters, or teams of players and monsters combined.


I disagree. It takes, what, two games? Three or four at most to unlock a new character. The point is that Tier 2 and 3 characters are far harder to use, so by first improving with Tier 1, players can handle them when they are unlocked. It’s actually rather smart.

Each map effect is designed to work on its own, and only on certain maps. This would cause a lot of issues, I think, but could be possible.

It’s been discussed before- technologically unfeasible unfortunately, according to devs.

Also, I think this should be in the new “Feedback” category, not “Gameplay”.


All characters that are in the game are currently unlockable. So anyone can get anyone they just nneed to unlock them which isnt hard to do at all. I honestly think there should be more skin unlocks


I have played like like 6 games with Goliath and win 3 of them and I have unlocked only on star of each skill. I am being honest here. Do you really think it takes 4 games or so to unlock a character ? Because it has not been the case at all with me.


Perhaps it’s because you aren’t used to it? I know in the Beta I had Kraken in five rounds, Laz in four, Griffin in four, and Bucket in only three. I don’t play Assault, so I can’t comment on that.


lol maybe I am just too bad :frowning:


I think you just don’t know how to use the abilities to master them quickly. You’ll catch on soon, don’t worry!

Good luck.


One thing, with round you mean a Skirmish or an Evacuation ( five games )


Five separate rounds- Hunt on Dam, Nest on Distillery, etc. One Evac campaign is easily enough to unlock a character.


Never mind, now I get it, you need one star on each ability, I thought you needed 3 stars on each ability. Yeah, then its fine, I was just missing one star on one skill on both characters I was playing.


If you wanna unlock the assaults fast play nest.