Three teirs of play to help with the balancing issues?


ATM the balancing is based around the entire game, for beginners as well as the Main player base and competitive too?

Perhaps we should have three tiers of play, Beginner, Main and Competitive. All could have their own balancing rules. This way the game can be balanced for each style of play? May make competitive more viable too?



And for my Personal Opinion I dont think this would be such a good idea.
I mean you could make a Ban system for Ranked but besides that I don’t think they should change that much.


Changed to suggestions, didn’t know that was there :slight_smile:


I preffer 12 tiers system because it does have more steps,so people do not jump from 100% winratio to 0% winratio
I even made names

1.Sanic team
3.Mountain Dew
4.Mom’s basement
10.elo hell
11.Команда Путина
12.Эло ад


Balance has nothing to do with skill, why do so many people get that wrong?


Some games have done something kinda like this, in that they use different data for console play vs PC play (we don’t do that.)

The problem with the multiple-data-sets approach is that your efforts to tune the game become extremely complex; you have a lot more data to change, more test cases, and more to track when making these changes and decisions.

There’s also the issue of explaining the balance changes we make to you: we’d have to provide X sets of data, and we’d have to make sure that it’s clear to you as the player which data set applies to you.


but right now you do not do this. There is no way for a monster to know which buffs hunters get and for a single hunter no way (except asking of course) which buff he gets.


I can understand that it would be more work, but aren’t the benefits worth it? At these different levels the balancing can be tuned differently without affecting the other. The Beginner and competitive would be easier to manage, competitive a great testing ground for new ideas with the top players.

The Main tier is the one nearly everyone will be using. Here’s where the main work and balancing will be at, as it is now.

The beginner is for the newbies and very low skill rate, they are forced to move up to the main tier when they get to a certain skill level (or they can leave earlier into the main tier at anytime by clicking a button for those that have just made a new account). Everything is easier here, people don’t die as fast, mistakes are forgiven more etc. A fun place before the real work of the main tier.

Competitive is a custom tier for team scrimming, working on the rules of the competitive community. Its all custom teams, more flexibility etc. Things learned here in the balancing could be filtered to the main later?


What exactly is balance for you?


Well, since you ask. I know its different for everyone, but for me I would like 50/50 win/lose rate. A chance to win every game. Even the top monsters like SourceTV and Fresh struggle against well coordinated teams, so average monsters really have no hope at all. When a team of hunters work well together, they become unkillable superhumans.

There should be no situation at all where hunters can’t be killed, especially when focused by a stage 2 or above! Too often I have got a hunter down to almost nothing, then suddenly they are full health again and I have lost more than half my own health. I can lose a huge amount of my health in seconds, never to get back while hunters have unlimited lives and ammo, and now more jetpack too! That’s not balanced, its just unfair. A monster should never lose health bar by bar in seconds! It’s silly, frustrating and unfair. Strikes against hunters are worth a lot less now too! Hunters have been given all the advantages because SOME players can’t play well together, but for those that do, and in the mid skill levels more do, they are soooooo powerful.

So in the end its frustrating to be a monster against a good team. Its great to have the challenge of a good team, but there is nothing you can do against them. You can’t kill them, and if you can’t kill them you can’t win! This equals boring. Simple. Your nothing more than a moving target for their fun, while having no fun yourself?

So balance for me is both a chance to win, and a combination of skill level so I’m matched against people my own level. Balance and skill, very closely integrated to make great games. With balancing as it is now, just one side slightly more skilled than the other, equals boring one sided games :frowning:


I can agree. But why do we need three different games?


the thing with that is people will not get better by having their hands held


Because I feel that the needs of the newbies and the needs of the competitive communities effects the direction of the game for the main community.


It may help to get them hooked on Evolve before they come against more powerful teams that don’t take prisoners!