Three free games, from your favorite dealer - [expired]

It’s that time again. I’ve got 3 codes for 3 games on Steam (as in 1 code per game). Bought a chest from GMG for shits and giggles, got 3 games but they don’t interest me. At least I don’t think they do but maybe somebody can find some fun with them. Anyhow, same rules as always, 1 code per person per day. If nobody is interested in any of them, I’ll post all of them in here in about a week from now.

I think those are the games:

All you need to do is post in this thread the game you want, and then I’ll PM you with the code. The only thing I would like though is for You to post if the code worked or not. That’s it.

OK guys, talk to You later!


Thank you,i think id take the black and white bushido

Fahrenheit was a great game!!

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was ?
/10 tense

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@LemonTree - code has been sent! :slight_smile:


Ie she finished it.

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Guys, good news. I’ve got 1 more code for a good game.

Got a code for Rage. With Rage 2 around the corner, why not give a try to the first game?
Anyway, first come first serve.

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slowly raises hand

Which game?

Rage, if it’s not taken. As you said, with the second game coming and the coming months off, I’m willing to give the first one a go

Rage went to @LordDerp , 2 more games to go :wink:

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Like promised, here are the 2 codes for other games. If you have used it, please post and let us know.


PS: dear mods, please leave this topic open for next few days, in about a week, I’ll add “expired” in the title so you’ll be able to close it, and sorry for the double post.

Hey, I’d love to try innerspace if thats not taken yet.

Inner Space > Taken :wink:

Was it taken when you tried it or You took it?

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I redeemed it.

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Is it easy to give away your steam games?

They all gone?

I redeemed Fahrenheit! Thank you for the opportunity! :purple_heart:

You can’t give away games that are already in your Steam library, if that’s what you’re wondering.

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well that stinks… i ahve a big ole library of games i dont use

Alright, guys and gals, was fun, time to close the topic :wink:

till next time!