Threads need a Page 1, 2, 3


Just tried to load up the “Evolve Moments Told by Gifs” thread and it crashed my tablet… twice.

Too many gifs…

Gifs OP, plz Nerf.


I think maybe 50 or 100 posts per page would be fine. I can’t be the only who thinks that trying to load a Thread with 1000+ posts all at once is absurd.


Discourse designs their forums to be flawless and flowing. It’s far superior to having a clunky page system- you can move from post to post easily.

I browse these forums a lot on my old, craptastic iPhone 4. Loading gifs and videos can take a little while and make things laggy, but I’ve never crashed.


I thought discourse was unloading the previous posts when passing through the thread. What browser are you using ?


This type of threads is a feature of the software this forum is using. So I guess no to that, unfortunately.


Uh, I’d rather not have that. This forum’s software is better than the usual, let’s not ask that they make it exactly like the old ones. Pages are awful. Maybe it’s a problem with your tablet. Or the thread.


Yes please this system is silly, even 100 is a lot still better then 4000 though!


That thread is just very browser intensive lol. Would you really want that for all the other threads you post in daily?


Yeah, or even 200 posts per page. It would just help keep it a little organized as opposed to “Let’s have all 1000+ posts on this one page!”

I was never a fan of hitting the next page button on some forums because it was like 25 posts then you need to turn the page. 200 posts per page seem like it’d be pretty good. Each page will have a ton of content and you won’t need to turn the page for a good couple of minutes.

Also I just want to have some lolz on that one thread but now I feel excluded… tears


Like Midnight said though it usually will work if you give it time. Sucks that it’s crashing you’re app though… maybe try to close all you’re other apps.


Its the only app though…


My iPod 4G crashes all the time (loading many webpages, games, likely the GIF moment thread, etc.) but it doesn’t mean there is a problem with the thread it is 99% my/your/our fault for having a faulty device. (I know it sounds bad saying it like that but it is kind of true) Unfortunately there is not much you/we/I can do about it unless we/I/you plan on buying a new device soon but I recommend just straying away from super mega ultra threads. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: