Thread moving people are clearly bored


“what’re you listening to right now?” was 5 weeks old and has twice as many posts as the thread it was merged with. Cleaning up the forums makes sense but cmon. There should really be rules for these rules. If something is a week old and has gained momentum why not leave it alone? Instead of popping in over a month later and wrecking it.


I gotta agree with this, so many mods and leaders moving threads and creating other threads to keep merging other threads to that thread it’s just confusing and it’s sometimes annoying, but I do understand it’s for deleting traffic in the forums, so I guess I’m fine with it.


I’d agree completely if the threads had ever been active at the same time. But if they aren’t then that means someone remembered an old thread and then sweated its existence so much that they searched through the forums to resurrect it.


Saying the mods and leaders are bored because they move threads isn’t the best way to introduce a topic. Just so you know.


inb4 someone locks this without second thought.


There is already a thread on creating duplicate topics. Funnily enough.


Unnecessarily move threads. And it’s really the only way to introduce the topic. Because that’s all the topic is about


Lol I’m probably about to get moved then which would be funny but ironic


Somebody get a mod’s attention to do juuust that.


But insulting the hard woking mods and leaders isn’t the way to do it.
A clean forum is better than a cluttered forum. :wink:


Is it really clutter is you have to go back 6 weeks to see it? And I’m not trying to insult anyone. I’m asking for the rules to have rules. Overzealous modding can exist


If the thread has been dead for 6 weeks, then yes, it’s clutter. :slight_smile:


I agree. They get merged with old, dead, threads, and then a good topic is buried (No offense mods, but seriously. If something’s from November 2014 and it’s not pinned, it’s not relevant).


The title isn’t great, but c’mon, if a topic is dead the new one should just be left to take over.


It’s understandable that they merged my thread with another, the other was a month older, and according to The creator, they didn’t have the power to move it at the time.


This is all good feedback, it really helps if you’re honest with how you feel like we’re doing so we can either change what we’re doing or focus on doing a better job of something. It seems like merging newer topics with really old ones isn’t what people want, so I can bring this up and see what we can do to find a way around it. It might be better if we merge the older ones with the newer ones.





I must say though, I was kinda bummed out about it- the merging of the thread that is. :<


Thanks very much!


Most of these older topics spiral into something completely different. I don’t really know how merging a thread works. But I do know that when duplicate threads are created, they are either oblivious of an active thread, or they want to examine something that the other thread might have missed. Or they don’t want to wake up a dead thread, cause that’s not always the best option.

I mean look at the monsters being overnerfed and tell me how derailed that thread became. The last posts are almost completely unrelated. I was of the guilty party for that derailing, but I didn’t feel that an entirely new thread be created to discuss stuff with people that were in the previous thread.