Thoughts on the Nintendo 2DS


So, I’m wanting to get my girlfriend the new Pokémon game for the 3DS. It doesn’t appeal to me personally (old Pokémon is where it’s at son) but she wants it real bad. Problem is, she only has the normal Nintendo DS, to play the game you need either the fancy-nifty, ever so Schwifty 3DS. OR, you can get the cheaper, 2DS, which has no 3D, and can’t flip open or closed. It seems bulkier, I haven’t looked into the differences much though.
My question is, has anyone had time to play games on a 2DS, or a 3DS, or preferably both, and what are the main differences between the two? I’m drawn to the 2DS because she would still like it she says. Plus they are much cheaper (like $80 new for the standard version, and there’s a bigger version I guess for more) but if the 3DS is far superior and the 2DS is uber crappy in anyway, I’d rather splurge and get the 3DS for her. Any advice is much appreciated, my fellow Evolve Forumers. :slight_smile:
-Yo Buddy Rickity Rick.


If I cave to get the new Pokémon, I’m getting a 2DS. If that means anything. :slight_smile:


Your opinion always means something Mountain!!! I’m probably gona end of getting her the 2DS, the lack of 3D doesn’t seem like a big deal, but what worries me is the fact it can’t close. For me that’s fine, but she is very, and I mean very, clumsy.
She dropped her phone in her soup at Olive Garden. And she dropped my phone into boiling spaghetti noodles a few years ago. :joy:
So I’m a tad nervous at how fragile it looks. :sweat_smile:


I have a 3DS and I rarely use the 3D on it. It’s cool and all, but not something you’ll be constantly using IMO.

I suppose being able to close the screen will be useful for preventing scratches etc on the screen which you can’t do on the 2DS and when closed I’m pretty sure it’s smaller than a 2DS so it’s more portable in a way.

Never used a 2DS so I can’t tell you what that’s like compared to the 3DS.


I didn’t even know you could turn the 3D off!! That’s cool!! :smile:


Yea there’s a slider on the top screen to adjust how much 3D you want or if you want it off completely.

Lemme take a pic and show you if I can figure out how to add images from my phone

Really not sure why the bottom part cut out but it got what it needed


My brother has a 2ds and he’s glued to that thing. He’s convinced it’s the best thing ever. And I haven’t heard the best reviews about the 3ds.


I have a 2DS and I love it! It’s the same experience (my brother has a 3DS, so can confirm!) I don’t think 3D is an essential factor for the gameplay, plus, it’s cheap and comfortable!

The size maybe a small con, but I bought a case for it and now I’m just use to it :slight_smile:


I have a 3DS, although I haven’t actually been using it all that often since I bought it.

The 3D effect is nice but I really don’t see myself playing games in 3D, let alone for lengthy periods of time.

If Pokemon is the only (or the only kind of) game to be played, I would strongly recommend sticking with the 2DS if it’s indeed that much cheaper. The 3D effect on my device is only appealing in actual 3D games in my opinion. I could care less about a 2D game where the occasional sprite might seem closer when I got the 3D slider turned up.

So I’d go for the 2DS. It offers the same functionality for a vastly lower price and at this point I’d really only recommend the 3DS if you (or your girlfriend) really enjoys the concept of 3D effects in a game. Most people only bought the 3DS for the sake of being able to play the newest DS games. If 2DS were available at the same launch date, 3DS probably wouldn’t have been bought by all that many people.


I have a 3DS XL and a regular 3DS. And out of both of those, I’m loving my 3DS XL. (I don’t even understand how I was able to play on that tiny screen for so long) If you buy one, go big. The difference between a regular screen and the XL format is immense (it’s just prettier with a big screen and nicer to look at).

They also have now the “new” Nintendo 3DS XL, which has a bit better hardware but allows you to play certain exclusive titles (which I wish I got, but I’m not gonna change mine just for that).

P.S. For those wondering why I got two, Nintendo being Nintendo, both the handheld and games are region locked. Which meant that I wasn’t able to play the new Pokemon games on my old 3DS unless I bought a new handheld. I don’t mind though, this way I’m able to trade and train effectively :stuck_out_tongue:


My buddy has one, it was cheaper than the 3ds and had a game with it. I think it’s awesome if you don’t mind the normal size display


I have researched both and they are basically the same unit except for things already pointed out…2D is GameBoy style and not a clamshell so does not close, and the 3DS 3D functionality can be turned off. That said, the clamshell has more of a tendency to break but since this will be adult owned that shouldn’t be a problem for you, BUT you may want to look into getting a screen protector for the 2DS screen for better protection there. The only other thing about the 2DS is there is no stereo sound…it’s a mono stereo. From what I read on forums, there isn’t too much of a quality loss to the sound overall and it still performs well…and it also is a bit louder than a 3DS.

I have been debating which to buy personally…and WAS going to get the 2DS, not gonna lie. I personally suffer headaches from the 3DS when I have played it with the 3D function on, and a lot of the money I’d be spending would be due to that feature which I would hardly use. But I have not purchased either unit at this time because I am still waiting on news about the Nintendo NX which is supposed to be launching this year. I think they will reveal more about it at E3 in June so I’ve been holding out myself. But the price on the 2DS can’t be argued with. If I wasn’t holding out for news on the NX I’d buy the 2DS right now, no waiting.


I actually was considering a 2ds, but I ended up getting a factory refurbished 3ds instead. It’s the same price as a 2DS, and while technically it is used, but Nintendo brings it to factory quality, so it is equivalent to new. 2DS is good, but if you want a full 3DS with all the bells and whistles, go for the refurbish!


Where did you order from?


It was the nintendo ebay store. It seemed really sketchy, and it looks like they rotate stuff in and out a lot, but the 3DS came in yesterday and it is top notch quality.


Thank you a for your replies!!! :smile: This is all a lot to take in. I’ve only ever owned the origional DS, so I appreciate all the info. :slight_smile:
It sounds like I’ll probably go for the 2DS, I think there is an XL version of it. Which would be awesome because it’d have a bigger screen, but wouldn’t cost as much as a 3DS. I don’t think she really cares about the 3D anyways. Again, Thank you all!!!
Our community is awesome. :smile:


This is my opinion… Get the new 3ds k man because Nintendo confimed that a lot of the new games with only work on it so if you get that then you will be saving cash imo as the 2ds and normal 3ds will become outdated soon


The only game she really wants is the new Pokemon, so I’m not to worried about it. As long as it runs on the 2DS, that’s fine.


the 3d on the 3ds is shit so dont worryits just a headache maker


I rarely use the 3D on my 3DS. Holy vertigo and headaches. However, it’s comfy to hold and I love that it folds up. That piece of toast (the 2DS) is not very comfortable to hold, in my opinion. However, if you’re just buying it for one game. I say it’s no contest.