Thoughts on T4


I’m going to start by trying to not make this sound like some OP/UP rant but I don’t think I can. I feel lied to about Behemoth and shocked at the Hunters.

Behemoth was hyped as being the biggest, strongest and tanky of the monsters. With the largest HP and Armor pools, it can take out a Hunter with three to four fist to the face and it’s abilites are good at AOE. One would think that he was be a beast to deal with…and that is the problem. Behemoth has the largest weak spot that is open to attack up to 80-90% of the time. His abilites have LONG wind up times that leave him inmoblie for several seconds at a time, as well as being heavy on the skill needed to land hits with them.

Fissure from what I have seen is easy to avoid as it travels out in a straight line from behemoth and only effects things on the ground. It travels slow so watchful hunters can see it coming and have plenty of time to escape, UNLESS you are right on top of them.

Lavabomb has a long wind up after you release it from aim. As is for the most part useless at long range, despite it’s suppose range of half a map. It is best suited for blocking a narrow passage that you know the Hunters are going to be coming through.

Tongue grab requires you to led the Hunter you are aiming at and even then it can still be avoided easily. Or if caught they Hunters can easily recover “in flight” and jet away to safety, this is depending on the range that they were grabbed.

Rockwall has it’s uses but doesn’t seem to work well with the terrain right now. On several occasions I have seen it either not appear or have gaps that the Hunters can get through rendering it useless.

I haven’t played as any of the T4 Hunters as of yet but I have been playing against them all day and I feel I can safely say that they are the strongest of all the Hunters.

Sunny can easily rival any of the assualts in shear damage output, maybe if do better then some assualts.

Torvold is insane with his damage output. I have seen him easily wipe away up to two full bars of Health with a single Mortar attack.

Slim I feel can be equal with Caira in terms of Healing speed and amount.

Crow can be easily avoided at the start of a match but nearly impossible to get away from once he finds the monster. The charged shots from his weapons are ridiculous. The charged slow down is stronger then Abe’s grenades and the armor piercing shots will easily wreck a unsuspecting monster.

All in all I can honestly say that the T4 Hunters can fit the definition of overpowered to the letter, yes I have played against them with the other monsters for comparsion. As well I feel that we were given a weaker Monster then was promised. There is little justification for the T4 Hunters to be as strong as they are in terms of straight damage output and numerous reasons why the T4 Monster is a disappointment.


After few matches as goliath vs T4 hunters I must say their dmg output is insane. Hank and Slim combo is rather broken. As stage 3 goliath with full armour I cornered hank and I couldn’t take him down with Slim healing him all the time while shooting me. That was rather depressing. Torvald ofc targeted me quickly and I watched as their combined focus ripped through my armour and health before I could kill cornered Hank. Just LOL. I may not be the best Evolve player but if the game is only for the Tournament pros I think it’s time to change game :slight_smile: and play only solo mode from time to time.


I think crow is fine its a free stage 2 and if your really smart a free stage 3 he is the most balanced of the lot.

Slim needs either his damage cutting by like 20% or something drastic so he does around 10damge a shot or some such or make his healing burst take longer as it stands he is doing insane amounts of dps as a medic and it dosnt matter as he can just spam his burst to heal

Torvald does way to much damage with those mortars no way to deny that and his grenades seem to place 1.7X weak spots(could be wrong i was playing medic but im sure that’s what came up) wich makes lazs weak spots redundant.

Sunny i have yet to play against her enough to be sure.

Behmoth the few games i played that didnt crash(think it was an issue with the net on my end tbh) he kind of sucks rock wall hardly ever works and all his ability’s take way to long to wind up. As such are rendered useless by hunters just moving also that weak point on his torso needs to go lol ITS AS BIG AS THIS CAPS SENTENCE FOR GOD SAKE you cant miss that at all.


Only time I have been caught by Crow before I wanted to be caught was due to random carrion birds showing up.

I wouldn’t doubt that in the right situation Slim could out heal Caira easily.


Sunny’s mini nukes have a huge aoe to them which renders hiding from her almost pointless as she can still hit you for a large amount even when she can’t see you.