Thoughts on pounce

I’ve seen a few conversations coming up on pounce and at this point it needs it’s own thread


I’m not a big fan of it, mainly because it can be abused so easily, however I do see its uses. If there was a way to make it so you can’t pounce a hunter that is looking at you that’d be great. Otherwise, I can’t see a nerf that wouldn’t completely kill the mechanic.

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As someone once told me. The monster is 20 times the weight of the Hunter, probably more. You try to tell it that it can’t pounce you while you’re looking. Try telling that to a lion. If you’re the last man standing I don’t see a problem with it. I’ve used it to finish the match because I’m tired of support cloaking and running away. I’d rather just finish the fight.


I hate how it turns you around.

If you catch me off alone, I’m unaware, and you pounce, nice! Good on you for taking advantage of my mistakes.

If we’re in the middle of combat, I’m pumping 20+ rounds into your mouth, and you pounce, go burn in hellfire! Getting pounced while fighting is disorienting, cheap, free damage, and just overall cheesy.

Justs remove incombat pounces and its golden.


So you are saying that you want Hank’s orbital to have no cooldown?
Or all the hunters should carrie personal shields?
Because that is also logical.

Sometimes, gameplay need to be prioritized before logic else the game isn’t fun. like pounce.

Also, don’t call me stupid @Huddledocean


My god, yes! Someone FINALLY Gets It!

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I guess my problem with that is it was marketed as a stealth pounce. And if it was just used as that it’d be cool, but if I just shot the monster/am shooting the monster and he pounces, he obviously isn’t very stealthy. I understand that logically it should always work, but video games luckily can toss logic and reason out the window for the sake of balance.

Pouncing is totally fine as is. It is annoying as hell for assaults in combat(because that means trapper or support has to shoot em off) but so is cloak gaurding the generator. And if you want to talk annoying let’s talk playing against a good laz player(not saying it’s hard just saying it’s annoying as hell).


You can’t use that logic. If we are tryin to measure this in reality then tons of things don’t make sense. The monster would kill certain hunters in one melee attack or some of the hunters could kill the monster with a single shot from one of their weapons.

I just hate the pounce that happens apparently between .0001 seconds of hydes flamethrower or other people’s quick firing weapons.


If the monster take damage, pouncing should be forced on cooldown at least for two seconds, no matter if the monster is in the process of pouncing or standing upright.

Then why do we need in-combat pounce?

Speak for yourself. If you are up against an equally skilled monster, like in customs against friends or now that we have ranked match making, you will find that you will have several matches that are down to the wire. And then a pounce trough lennox AA gun fire can win you a game you shouldn’t have.


Or a pounce through Jacks repulsors ~Cough~ still salty ~Cough~


Using in combat when there’s an entire team alive is lame. One on one, I don’t think is that bad.

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I like pounce but honestly people are able to abuse it so easily.

To fix this I would say allow pounce to only work on wildlife. But that would bring up the problem of single hunters being able to harass a monster.

No, that is implying it’s about an opinion or feeling.
We are discussing facts.

It’s like discussing whenever an organism is a plant or a fungi, you can’t say “Let’s agree to disagree” or “Eatch to their own”. You find out what it is, then you convince those who are wrong with facts.

And in-combat pounce is a cheap mechanic that WILL win you games when done correctly. That is a fact.

Pounces go through any and all forms of CC (again not making sense). And if we want to throw logic in here then how is a orbital DROPPED on a monster NOT STAGGER it AT ALL. Or how a monster is being shot but the pounce isn’t cnacled? Or how a HS to the monster doesn’t stagger it either…

And the whole surprise attack thing

Man he just a trying to keep it peaceful, also hunters really should die allot faster

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If you want to back out, then say you are backing out. Don’t try to grasp moral high ground by posing as “the better man” by saying “we are done here”.

This is not an discussion about what kind of ice-cream flavour you like.
We are not discussing an opinion.

We are discussing 'facts*.
In-combat pounce can be used to win you games you shouldn’t.
That is a fact.

What? We are having a normal discussion. No-one is calling eatch other names or any thing else that could be offensive. Just a normal discussion where arguments are exhanged.


Pounce can’t win you a match you shouldn’t have won, if there’s one left they have lost that’s fair