Thoughts on possible T5 hunters


Yep…another one of those speculation threads about the Hunters.

Well instead of saying what I think I would like to see in the next hunters, how about what I believe the next ones would most likely be like. Before I do though, think about this. There are at the moment two types of Hunters for each class.

For Medic there is burst(val/Caira) and delay(Slim/Laz). Considering that the last one released was a delay healer I believe the next one would be a burst healer.

For Support there is offensive(Cabot/Bucket) and defensive(Hank/Sunny). Sunny was just released so the next would likely be a offensive support.

For Trapper there is harpoon(Maggie/Griffion) and stasis(Abe/Crow). Crow was released so it would likely be a poon trapper.

For Assualt there is close range(Hyde/Markov) and long range(Parnell/Torvald). Close range is due to come now that another long came out.

Granted these are all assumptions on my part, but assumptions based on what I’ve seen from all the hunters to date.






But to leave some real feedback, Lazarus is techincally burst. Val and Slim offer sustained healing.


And Caira! >.<


All healers have burst heals…

But not all healers have sustained heals such as Laz.


Are you guys nuts in here?

Burst => Val?
Sustained heal => laz?

Are we playing the SAME game? :smiley:
Consider me also going to my people


Well, it’s pretty obvious Caira is burst, isn’t? :stuck_out_tongue:

We are not talking about Healing Burst, we are talking about which medic’s healing too that offer a single, strong heal. Like the opposite of Val’s medgun. Think burst damage, but just healing instead.


Lazarus-Who needs a medic when you can just kill the monster?


yea…probably should have made that clearer. I didn’t mean the Healing burst which all the medics have but the rate at which they can heal a single Hunter.


All assaults have a long and close range set up we just prefer the up close one of course. I don’t think TRS thinks/creates hunters based off that whole concept but its still a interesting way to think about it.