Thoughts on Parnell


Now, as I’m sure many of you are aware, Parnel is probably the lowest on the Assault totem pole. This was something I was aware of, but wasn’t sure exactly why. So I decided I’d play him a bunch, get a feel for him, figure out what his strengths and weaknesses were for myself. These are my thoughts. Also, if I’m just repeating what has already been said, well… then let this be a more constructive assessment of him.

So, his shotgun, I actually like where it is. High damage, decent range for a shotgun, I don’t have any real complaints about it. Since this is this assaults close combat weapons, the obvious comparisons are the flamethrower from hyde and markovs lightning gun. Obviously it doesn’t have the consistent damage that those two have, but I feel the weapons damage makes up for it.

His Berserker Suit ability also has a decent trade off. Increased ROF and speed traded for a bit of health, which with a medic can easily be mitigated. I would also like to see an increase in reload speed, so that way you don’t have to wait for the slower reload from both his weapons, or switching between them, which I feel is how he was made to be played.

Now, the doozy. his Rocket Launcher. It is his long range weapon, and compared to the hitscan weapons of Markov and Hyde, it is seriosly lacking, especially fighting Kraken. It’s damage feels a little underwealming, but I trust TRS has the numbers down to make sure it’s actually doing decent damage. My concern is the projectile nature of the weapon makes hitting targets at range a bit difficult. Perhaps too difficult to be viable, esp. compared to the other assaults.

So I propose this; a smal target assist with the rocket launcher. The rockets could have a bit of tracking on them, not with the turning radius of Bucket or Emet’s rocket’s, but a slight track, so those long range shot’s have a higher chance of hitting. But to counter balance this, I’d propose a “lock on” system that would require you to be looking at the monster for a few seconds in order to obtain a “lock”.

This way, your long range weapon has a higher chance of hitting, which would make the Rocket Launcher a bit more viable, and further cement Parnell as the “Pure Damage” style of assault.

I’m open to debate, more accurate observations, corrections, etc. All I ask is that this remains civil as we accurately discuss Parnell and try to figure out why he’s the least picked assault.


I like this a lot.


Just to address this first then I will read the rest.

That is not true or at least from what I have seen and in my opinion. Parnell is looked down on when its just the case of using him correctly. At the moment my best assault and is an absolute machine If you hit your targets and make the most of super soldier. Notice he gets used a HUGE amount in competitive play.


Again very underrated. People get frustrated because when moving are inaccurate and take travel time. You have to like with Torvalds mortars predict movements to be the most effective with it and it can actually do insane damage.


Hey Grizzle! Thanks for the input.

Now, I can’t say I have any sort of rebuttle, considering you are probably more in tune with the game than I am, especially since I don’t really follow the competitive scene. So I’ll admit I’m hardly an expert on the matter, I’m merely making my anecedotal observations.


He struggles with og kraken harder than the other assaults do, that is his only overwhelming problem.

In any game against any monster that is not OGK he dominates and forces you to get out of the way. Telemetry supports this with him closing out games very quickly with low total damage but high dps.

But when Kraken is off flying in the distance raining death there is not much that can be done.

I do like the idea of adding homing to his rockets so they could more easily deal with Kraken.

Also, You do get a reload boost on super soldier, along with speed, jump height, and weapon swap bonus


I don’t know about consoles, but Parnell is one of the most played assaults by top players. I personally think he’s a bit OP when paired with Val (weakpoints). He’s been my main hunter since his rockets were buffed a few patches ago. I typically do 2x more with his rockets than shotgun according to the end-game stats, granted some of that is wildlife.

Torvald might be a bit better vs Kraken and Hyde vs Wraith, but IMO Parnell is the best all around assault on PC right now.


I play on PC, though I do play with a very small group of people, and base most of my observations of use on my limited time as monster.


Honestly, the more people respond, the more I feel my argument unraveling. Thankfully, I don’t mind being proved wrong.


Just +1 to what Grizzle said.

If you empty all your Super Sholdier shotgun on the monster it melts, for the Rocket launcher shoot where the monster will go and not where it is and it works wonders.

Also I consider rocket launcher to be cunningly damaging because all monsters while focusing a player they will try to avoid Torvald’s mortars or Hyde’s gas but seem to feel exceptionally safe away from Parnell.
Use that ‘‘comfort’’ feeling to your advantage to land some more rockets while getting closer :wink:


Same on consoles, I would say he’s easily top 3 assault-wise.


Parnell is amazing. Parnell is not bad. There are only bad parnell players.

For those who are familiar with me and how I normally voice myself here: Note the lack of “i feel”, “in my opinion”, or etc. Seriously parnell is great. The rockets are great at long range, but require skill- which is what holds some people back. Theyre pretty darn accurate when zoomed in, which lets you reliably shoot monsters off of food in the distance, get in great chip damage, and due to their radius helps stop monsters who go “darn! ill just reposition a bit around this pillboomDAMNIT”- And they are immune to limb damage. Sure no hit marker , but if youre in proper range to do hit markers, you shoud be on the shotfun (not a typo) anyways.

He lacks a bit of “Area” utiliy like hyde/markov, but with SS Parnell IS the utility. He IS the area denial- and this area denial will hunt you down. What monster DOESNT see parnell go Kaio-Ken and run with their tail between their legs (Unless they dont NEED to, which means the hunters dun messed up)? One of the biggest problems for parnell, is the OTHER hunters on the team and their not knowing how to work WITH parnell. A lot of hunters tend to run around like headless chickens when being focused, relying on the support or trapper to shield/hard CC the monster. When youve got parnell on the team (well this goes for ANY assault, but parnell in particular) you need to kite AROUND parnell to the best of your capacity. Parnell brings a LOT of pain, and ensuring he brings as much pain as possible, is going to make that monsters health bar go down, fast, and make him think twice about focusing you again.

Parnell is amazing.


Parnell is my go-to if Im not confident enough to play Lennox

Markov and Hyde are not challenging enough for me to engage wiht them.


As a frequent Parnell player I agree his Rocket Launcher is underwhelming, but IMO the damage is decent, the problems with the RL is the spread and the slow projectile velocity.

Now the spread use to be complete ass, but they tightened up the accuracy so it isn’t as bad, but it’s still annoying that it could be tightened up again considering it’s a long ranged weapon. Second is the rockets fly a bit slow to consistently hit targets at range, they require a decent amount of leading which is a bit ridiculous.

If the damage was really good on the RL I wouldn’t be complaining, but it really only needs buffs to make it a reliable and consistent hitter.

Also, I think SS should just do away with the health cost usage per activation, but it’s probably just me who thinks that.

TL;DR - RL needs less spread and faster projectile velocty to consistently land more hits.


Parnell is easily best assault, and contrary to popular belief, is good against kraken. Just gotta hit those rockets(not hard to figure out how to do it)


Personally don’t like Parnell and will never use him, but with Cabot he is a handfull as a monster. I’m I right :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:


Honestly don’t worry about it. I thought the exact same thing with Parnell until I saw the pro players beating down with him. Then I actually took the time to play and practice him which actually demonstrated him not to be a potato :wink:

(Other thing I find is to not just use his super soldier in combat. That shit gives you speed and jump hight so is great for catching up with the monster)


I would just buff the rocket spread (slightly) and especially the speed (major buff) of the rockets.


Also try using him with Capacity increase.

I found that Capacity reaaaally turns HIM into the monster!


I’d say I have to disagree with you there in terms that Parnell is one of the least picked assaults. It really depends on the assault player and their preference. For me if I was to play assault it be Parnell -> Torvald -> Lennox-> Hyde-> Markov -> Blitz Markov. In terms of assaults I’d pick burst damage assaults over constant damage dealing assaults. I disagree with giving Parnell’s rocket launch having a bit of tracking. It just takes time to get use to it Parnell. Let’s not make him noob friendly, that why we have Markov and Hyde.