Thoughts on NPC on Hunter ship?


I was watching some evolve videos where people talked about that they had devs on mics walking them through the game. That made me think of something that could add some really interesting subtle story hooks, while allowing for a semi tutorial. What if the ship carrying the hunters had on it some sort NPC character on board that at the beginning of the mission and occasionally during it, popped in for some advice?

It would allow you to give some in-world non-immersion breaking advice to players, which could even throw in some clues on how to play a monster better on their next chance. You could throw in some comments about the world we are on, the map and mission, overall world lore, etc. All in somewhat randomized interactions before and during the match at key points.

There are tons of really fun options for characters that could fulfill this role, and they could make a fun mascot type character as well. The wealthy former businessman turned big game hunter, the old beat up crippled former world-class hunter, the powerful mogul trying to kill the monsters to build on the planet and harvest it’s resources, the crazy scientist wanting to study the monster. Tons of great options are sensible besides these as well.

Hell you could have all of them, and the players as just mercs for hire working for a different one depending on the map and goals.

I know sometimes less is more for story in games like this for building immersion, but if done right this could be a great way to add as much or little story depth as you want, while adding some fun tips and hints to the players arsenal.


It’s been said in an interview that the hunters have a lengthy amount of time before they drop in where they just all to eachother. Plus when there are “low points” in the gameplay (hunting) they’ll supposedly just talk then as well. So that’s kind of that I suppose. When I played in Birmingham there was a short video before the match telling you what you need to do and what your abilities were, so that might be something that (hopefully) appears in the final game


I would say yes, but listening to those same tips would get old, especially if the messages come in at a bad time


Honestly I´m not a fan of the NPC-messages during the match. At the beginning, while the hunters still wait in the dropship it would be OK by me.


Honestly, I just keep thinking of Star Fox 64. Every 10 seconds someone felt the need to say something and it got to the point I had to mute dialog but their boxes kept appearing


I’m alright with that too. For me I’d be happy with the characters just talking. It’d be interesting to hear what they’d say


I think the key is to treat it like storyline and tutorial stuff, where they only say a given thing just once per account. I too hate when it’s the same thing over and over, and I think that would be a bad idea. But having the comments show up a once just to tie everything together for story, and to give one time tips, could bring a lot to the table.

I think it also ties together all the different hunters into one group with a purpose, and could act as an initiator for interaction between the hunters themselves. Having a boss or mentor character I think really allows you a lot more narrative flexibility and opportunity.


Agreed. Maybe they will update it every once in awhile so that players who want to know the storyline have to pay attention.


Maybe in like a Tutorial the Bucket AI gives you a run through of the basic gameplay