Thoughts on No Man's Sky


What are your thought on it? This and Evolve are my most anticipated games this and next year. No mans sky just captures what I’ve and probably every other human being ever has been dreaming about as a kid. The ability to go venturing off to un discovered planets and fighting your way through space all while seamlessly crossing galaxies is mind blowing. I think it’s gonna be absolutely brilliant.


I wonder if my computer can handle it, how choppy the switches in areas will be, and whether the memory required to save generated environments, will be exhausting.

Probably flickers during population of animals, or otherwise starts off sparse, until the areas have had time to load.

I’m not particularly interested in it, but what it does I hope it does well.


I’m really interested by it, it looks very impressive


A very ambitious game that I really, REALLY hope delivers. The lack of any co-op kind of bums me out a bit but I’m still hopeful.


What I’ve seen of it seems very impressive, especially considering the size of the team. My main concern is what exactly you DO in the game aside from wander around and discover things. Also I don’t think my PC will do a good job running it, so I’m hoping it comes to Xbox One not too long after PS4 (which I don’t have).


Even if it’s maybe minor, I’m afraid such a game cannot offer an impression of … of “hugeness” !

I mean, worlds topography looks a bit small, and same for atmospheres…
Do you see what I’m pointing out ?


I thought it was a pc exclusive


I thought so too but apparently it’s now being debuted on the PS4, with an eventual release on other platforms later, well, the developers said that bringing it to the PC/XB1 is not out of the question at least. That being said though, it does look quite interesting to play. Hopefully we’ll get it eventually!


I dunno. It was a cool video and a polished demo (or so I hear) but it makes me wonder what their production capacity is. That’s a MASSIVE world they are trying to create. What will they have to sacrifice to make it happen?


From what I recall, they aren’t even going to be making the galaxy, they will have a computer make everything in game, they are just adjusting general features that will then be applied to everything in the Galaxy. According to GI, it seems it will be impossible for the community to fully explore the system because of how big it’s going to be.


I have no idea what No Man’s Sky is, but I’m gonna check it out now and post my thoughts soon


Gamespot is doing the “Next Big Game” coverage on No Man’s Sky this week so I recommend watching some of those videos if your interested or have any questions.


Basically a huge space exploration game coming out. Being made by a 7 man team O_o. Hope that it turns out great


Watched a couple of videos and the idea seems really cool, I’m a huge fan of open world games.

Is this true? Is everything generated randomly? Sounds like a really ambitious project for just 7 people, hoping they end up with a great game


According to my latest Game Informer issue. They said that when they edit textures, they can’t manually edit or apply individual textures because there is simply no way. I also remember reading that the galaxy will be so large that even years after release there will still be more unexplored than explored areas in game so they really have no way to do make all that individually


That sounds insane. Is there a release date confirmed for this yet?


Not sure, I’ll check the article again when I get home and fill you in a bit better


Here’s a good article on it


No release date yet as far as I know, but this game seems pretty interesting. Apparently you can interact with and find other players, but it’s unlikely you will because the universe is so massive. That is what really blew my mind.


It sounds like it’ll be really cool if they do it right. But what else is there to do apart from explore the universe?