Thoughts on new medic mechanic?


Was in the shower and had an idea on what could be an interest medic mechanic.

Basically it would be a dart (or whatever) that the medic would shoot into the monster (or wildlife) that would cause an AOE bubble around the monster for a period of time. It would basically be a DOT with a heal on it.

For simplicity sake lets say it does 4 damage per second. If one hunter is inside the bubble he would receive 4 points of healing, two would receive 2 points, three would receive 1.33, and all four would only get 1 point a piece.

Damage to the monster would always stay the same, and only happen if there are hunters in the bubble.

The numbers would have to be fiddled with a bit, but I think it would be an interesting mechanic.

Any thoughts?


thats called “hot”


I posted a similar dart idea here. I love this idea too


Basically it would be a DOT with a HOT on it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I always thought of something like that for val instead of the medigun, she should use the tranq gun to shoot a healing dart on team mates to heal, like with caira she uses the grenade launcher to damage and heal


I dislike that you need to be near the monster to get healed. This is bad depending on the monster. However, putting something on the monster that acts like a life leech could be interesting.


Lets say line of sight then? With say a range of maybe half that of Vals med gun?


So you just need to be in LoS of the monster?