Thoughts On Lennox?


Just played a guy who got S3 with nearly full health and I think just one strike on Trapper, who we then proceeded to murder in one very intense fight. In the after game lobby, he let me know I “wouldn’t be able to do that once they nerf Lennox”. I ended up queuing with him again, and he changed his preferences to he could have assault so I couldn’t play her again.

Did they buff her or something? She seems pretty reasonable to me, I don’t see her as broken.


She’s good against new monsters. All the assaults feel balanced atm.


She has high potential damage output which was actually nerfed in 8.1 I think. Before that she used to be more polarized - having extreme damage if you keep up 4x combo, but losing a lot of it if the combo breaks. Now she has a bit more power in the early stages of the combo and less in the later, so breaks are not as punishing, but keeping the 4x combo is sadly not as rewarding.

Seeing how her combo breaks under so many circumstances and that she needs to stay in the monster’s face to utilise it, I wouldn’t say she’s OP. She’s just good at punishing bad monsters.


She’s a sleeper pick for most monsters. Most people don’t realize how much DPS she can spit out with the 4x DMG. It looks like she’s just kinda… chilling there. But nope. RIP your armor.


Lennox? What Lennox?


I noticed several people saying they think she is op and several others talking about a nerd next week. No idea what that’s about…


She only does double damage now.
Eatch tick after the first one (which is filled by first hit) is +33%, from 150 to 300 damage.


She does a boatload of damage if she’s ignored and some abilities don’t break the combo (fire breath, acid spit). New (or inattentive) monster forget that she can MELT you if you leave her to do her thing. It really depends on the monster pick, Kraken basically nullifies her, Wraith and Gorgon are tricky but can’t take much from her, and Goliath just melts unless he focuses her (as will Bob when he’s released).


This. So much. When monsters just let me beat on them repeatedly with that 4x combo because they’re ignoring Lennox, it’s a beautiful thing for the Hunter team.

I do have trouble playing her against Wraith and Gorgon though; I’m no pro :blush:


Gorgon can be really tricky if they keep distance and rely on group hits for attrition kills rather than burst damage, but if they get in close and start tunneling the medic or support you can tear them apart in a blink. If you can keep up the chase when the dome drops you can win the game with a few good hits. It might not kill them then and there but the damage can make it an uphill battle. I had a Sunny boost me after a meteor goliath and took off around half his health before he got away proper.