Thoughts on Improvements


I think the hunters need to climb mountains faster. Everyone I play with complains about how slow they are without jet pack fuel. Also, the slowest hunters are way too slow, it feels like you’re walking through mud. I’m also wondering why we need our gamer tag at the top of the screen all the time? Kind of seems unnecessary. The dialogue is very repetitive too, hope it isn’t like this in the full game. That’s my thoughts for now :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ve seen many glitches where the monsters armour doesn’t go down visually when it’s being attacked (only from the hunters perspective)


All Hunters have the same speed. Also, Jetpack Management is a resource that is usually mishandled a lot by newer players. The ability to climb is fine, just be careful about using your dodgebursts more and use your Jetpack fuel more strategically.


Really? Assault and Support feel much slower? And climbing up hills is one thing I’ll have to disagree on no matter what. Fuel or not, it’s far too slow climbing up hills and very inconsistent. Sometimes it easy, sometimes it doesn’t register and you keep falling down.


The registering for it I could understand, but all Hunters have the same speed.


You need to constantly keep pushing yourself against the wall (aiming your sight somewhere between looking up and forward) against the wall to climb it quick. Doing that I’ve never had issues climbing walls.

Also, converve your jetpack fuel. I’ve seen many a hunter spend their jetpack fuel to give themselves boosts while chasing, wasting it for when they actually need it. Climbing rocks fast is one of the cases where you should have saved your fuel for. I’ve found I do much better when I stop treating jetpacks as a sprint boost and really be careful about when I use it.

And yeah, hunters do not have any variation in speed that I am aware of.


It’s not just where you look though, it’s how some walls are rigid and uneven, making it hard to climb straight up. It’s the most annoying aspect of the game I find.


I have to agree. For some reason I’m having major issues climbing walls (hunter just won’t do it).

I have played both alphas before as well, so this definitely seems to be an issue.


Yea i tried to climb the dam wall right infront of the power relay and couldnt do it, Markov refused to climb that damn wall, monster destroied the relay as soon as i finally made it up(/_-) big man cant climb haha


I think it wouldn’t hurt so much if they increased the climbing speed just a tiny bit.


Also, the people in my party think it would be better if you increased the emblem background a bit, they get covered by the emblems and most of them don’t look great.