Thoughts on how to make Jacks (or The Jackals) 3 a little more... usable?



My main thought on how to make it slightly more monster-find-y is to have the beams start at max range and slowly rotate inward, basically just reverse it, because as it is now, the monster moves faster than your tracker ability, so really it’s only use is if it’s hiding, or in the dome, or to just see which tracks are most recent to see if you’ve been juked. Honestly, I think jack is one of the least played trackers because he’s not very good at tracking the monster, he really relies a lot on his 4 to find the monster, whereas Abe, Griffin, and Crows abilities actively find the monster pretty darn well, have the beams start outward would be better because if the monster is in the area, it’s more likely to get pinged, and it is more likely to highlight the most recent tracks of the monster moving away faster, thus making jack a bit more useful for tracking. It also doesn’t really change too much, thus making it a minor and easy tweak for an upcoming patch, and doesn’t overhaul the ability that much, just a minor change to make jacks three a bit better.


Easy, if you think the monster is close by throw it down and go somewhere else. The Sat will pick up if he doubles back.


I actually kind of like this. I don’t know why, but I do.


but that just makes it a temporary and kinda worse griffin spike…


Information is never bad. Also Jack and Griffin are opposites. Griffin you want the person being chased to run away from, Jack towards.


Jack’s SS is really nothing like Griffin’s SS. The sound spike is a pinging tool, the survey satellite is a tracking tool for helping put you in the right direction even if the monster isn’t in range.


I always felt more like Jack was supposed to find the monster with his 4, then once he has a vague idea of it, toss the spike down and if the monsters in the area, it’ll be found, the ability is very situational right now, I find myself just using it more in the dome to do a bit of damage using the beams than to actively track the monster


this change would have it do that, just a little faster, and better for actually finding a monster in the area


The Devs are making a change to improve range and speed next week. I don’t think that your changes are needed just yet, though it’s cool you’re making suggestions :slight_smile:


oh cool! that my fav characters getting some love. I just hope the increased speed doesnt make it less accurate…