Thoughts on Free Character Rotation Selections


How do you guys feel about the free character rotations, either as newcomers who have to live with them or as vets seeing new players learning the different characters?

Week 1: Meteor Goliath vs Caira Hank Griffin Hyde

I thought meteor goliath was an odd pick at first, but I’ve been thinking about it and he’s essentially Goliath - the flagship character - but a bit more mobile and with more damage spread so I can kinda see why they went for him. As for the hunters I get most of them but Caira perplexes me a little, she’s straightforward and powerful but her grenades are sort of a skill shot. I was expecting Val, just point and shoot to heal, tranq or puncture the monster. Overall I reckon week 1 had good choices in it, powerful characters without going overboard with any of them.

Week 2: Kelder vs Slim Sunny Maggie Blitz

Wat. We have fresh players trying to learn the game and you put the hunter teams in against Kelder and the monsters in against Sunny… Admittedly as Kelder she probably isn’t nearly as bad as she is against Goliath (with whom I’ve been playing all night and developed a fresh appreciation for the hell that is Sunny (Rogue) Val, gak), but even so, Sunny is a NIGHTMARE as monster and a good player is hell on wheels for anything but an original recipe Kraken or a Gorgon. Likewise, Kelder seems to still be damn strong and by the sounds of it people are just getting dropship jumped (which I believe @GentlemanSquirl said they were trying to address in the near-ish future?).

Overall I’m left scratching my head at these selections, I was initially expecting them to basically go T1 . . T5 for the first few weeks but was pleasantly surprised in week 1. Now I can’t decide whether I feel worse for the pubstomped hunters or the players who bought Goliath week 1 and have to deal with Sunny…

What do you guys think? Any particular thoughts on either of the selections so far? Any suggestions for newbie-friendly selections in the coming weeks? Discuss!


Stop being cheap and pay money.


I’ve owned the game since release and bought both season passes, I’m looking at this from the outside.



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