Thoughts on evolve going free?

What are your thoughts about the evolve going free on Xbox one? I personally think it was a great choice and have been asking for that for a long time. It will at least bring a few more people into the fan base, maybe 50-200 active players that will buy the game hopefully.

I’m sure it’s bringing a lot more than that. I have about 10-12 people on my friends list playing it now.

Yeah I’ve been trying to sell the game to others and I believe I was successful to a degree.

At least this way it allows people who read “This game sucks!!!” and didn’t get it to actually try it free and make their own opinions.

Too many people are willing to take other’s words as truth.


i just hope it brings people into the game. FUCK angry joe, so many people decided totake his review rather than play the game itself, hopefully people come in and stay. AND NO PUB STOMPING


His review was horrible and appeared as if he only played maybe a handful of hours. He still misinformed about basic gameplay you learn after a single match, so maybe he didn’t even play a handful.


Well evolve isn’t your normal shooter game and as always with new concepts the normal one man team people won’t get that you need all your teammates.

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Joe had points tho.

He praised TRS about the concept of the game and all that stuff but he utterly hated the pricing model.

About the gameplay?Yeah he told some non sense and some right stuff but most of his negativity went to the DLC and pricing.

I hope you guys know that if this game was shipped by another company and not 2K it would have 10 times more success


Well one guy made this example. Can’t remember his username here but credits to him.

“I would rather sell four copies for $25 each than one copy for $60.”

I kinda agree to an extent. If people pay less for the copy then they would feel more inclined to buy skins and maybe not freak out so much on multiple $25 Season Passes.

I still have yet to purchase any skins. Kinda afraid to… don’t want to shell out $3 for a skin then suddenly “Event weekend! Do this and get the same Skin Major Warrior just bought for free!” especially after already shelling out $115 for the game and Season Passes.

I know there are a shit ton of factors with Marketing but one can hope.

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Wow $115! I almost feel guilty. I got the game and season 1 for just $40. I was extremely excited about this game when I first heard about it but when I saw the price tag I thought it was too much. The deal worked to get me to buy it and I’ve heard plenty of others that say they would buy if it was brought down

Yeah… in a sense I payed extra to have more experience than all the new players.

At least everything is Elite Status so I’m technically 10% better than all these nubcakes.

Feeds inner d-bag ego

I have no problem spending top dollar on this game. I have yet to buy another game since its release, so in reality, this game saved me money.

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You don’t have to worry about that. They don’t put purchasable skins up for grabs.

Oh really? Oh… well then.

Still though… won’t be getting any skins unless it’s a must have.

Understandable. I usually limit myself to one a month, if that. The main reason is just to kick more money their way, show my support.

and F@# that brit or cynical brit whatever he calls himself, I unsubbed him too hypocritical view whores… I hate it when a good game gets showcased by dumb wits … I fell in love with this game the first time I saw it and I still love it.

well I sold my 3 Evolve copies to my friends, so I think we can call it a success :slight_smile:

This game mind as well just be Free to Play at this point…

the free weekend was an exceptional idea that gave people at least a chance to try the game.I have very little doubt that we will see more players now as the game is awesome.

the only disappointment for me was my fellow monster players playing as monster in pubs against the new players instead of playing as hunter and helping the new players out, this is what I did and I dropped down to bronze hunter as a result but I would rather help new players and drop a level than noob stomp as a monster all for the sake of a couple of points and artificially leveling up but I guess I was in the minority

I didn’t really give away wins, but I certainly wasn’t in try hard mode, except for my first match as meteor Goliath since I didn’t know how it’d go

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That’s not true. I bought all the assault predator skins. Then they were released as challenge skins. I was a tad peeved.