Thoughts on Crow


I’ve been playing Crow for a bit and I feel a bit underwhelmed by his style. In theory, I think the character is awesome, that’s why I bothered picking him up.

Specifically, I don’t see where the advantage in picking him lies, taken as a whole.

The stasis gun is cool and definitely a lot easier to use than Abe’s stasis grenades which I’ve always found a bit tough to use in the thick of things. If I had to pick what’s best about Crow, I guess I’d say the stasis gun. However, as a package deal, the stasis gun doesn’t buoy Crow up enough to make up for what I feel are his other shortcomings.

Crow’s damage seems lackluster after doing comparative games w/ him and other trappers. I like his fully-charged burst damage, but I’m not putting out as much damage w/ him compared to other trappers. The range is nice over other Trappers like Abe, but again, I don’t think the extra bit of range is worth it.

Lastly, I think Gobi is an awesome idea, but I don’t like the execution. I’ve found that, somewhat contrary to what I think is supposed to be the intended purpose of Gobi, he’s most useful when you already know exactly where the monster is and want to keep tabs on it. I’ve had very limited success spotting the monster blind using Gobi. Additionally, when Gobi does find the monster, whether it’s a blind spotting or b/c I know where the monster is, the timer on Gobi is very short. For an animal that can fly out and surveil the monster, it seems odd that I get maybe 2 seconds worth of spotting out of him before having to relaunch and rolling the dice on whether or not the monster is still w/in Gobi’s very limited sight range. I know this is a balance issue and that Gobi can’t be constantly circling and spotting the monster, but I’m not in love w/ the mechanics of how Gobi works. I’d much rather have a slow-moving and circling type of area surveillance over the very short-duration straight line surveillance we have now. It seems to me that Gobi should function more like seismic spikes than how he functions now.

Those are just my thoughts; undoubtedly Crow can be used more skillfully than I’m using him now, but I feel like he’s kind of lackluster. He’s an awesome character, but I think he needs retooling.


The fact that he can do health damage, bypassing armor. This is extremely clutch for monsters with low health, but is otherwise useless, especially if monster Evolves before you can kill it.

Yes. If you charge all your shots, it’s less damage than rapid fire. This is because Crow could take down the Monster’s health too fast.

Crow also has a sniper, so it’s to be expected that he has less damage. He is also trading overall damage for health damage.

Gobi used to be so OP that the monster could never hide. Gobi got a big hit in Stage 2.

@Shunty is The Crobi Expert so I’ll let him fill in any gaps of information that I left out.


Charged KLR shots do 101 damage, normal shots do 61. The trade off is DPS. Charged shots do about 1/6 the DPS of regular shots.


Also I’m gonna drop this:


I read the “how to use Gobi” post and it was useful, but I’m still struggling w/ using him effectively. I feel like I have a much easier/better time of it tracking w/ other hunters. Gobi just seems…awkward to me.