Thoughts on Behemoth - Gameplay Vid


Afternoon all, hope everyone is having a good Easter Weekend.

It will soon be the first week since Behemoth landing with a thud on Shear, and was wondering how people are finding him to use and to fight against.

Thanks to some server issues, my first tries with him did not go to plan having only experienced using him on the new maps during a 2K Preview event here in London just before launch. I have really come to find that hunter teams still not sure how to handle his power and attack strengths.

This video was from a game I had this morning, pretty much total dominance of the hunter team through their own lack of awareness of how powerful Behemoth, or ‘Rock Lesnar’ as I call him, is.

Hows everyone else finding him?


I find I either completely trash an enemy team, or get completely trashed. Never any in-between.

My opinions:

  1. His power slam is amazing, and currently abusable. Don’t abuse it…
  2. He hits hunters like houses hit the wicked witch of the east.
  3. his wall ability is bugged so badly that it’s either awesome, or useless… and I hate having to depend on it being awesome.
  4. His climb speed is AMAZING.
  5. He has the hardest time evolving. Fleeing really isn’t a very strong suit. If you rollerball during battle, you don’t have time to rollerball out of battle.
  6. He’s not actually made of rock, it’s Styrofoam…

I can’t wait until he is fixed. He’ll be unstoppable. He offers a unique gameplay experience that I enjoy. He’s also the most abused by Torvald+Sunny+Slim… Which are the most overly played hunters in the game. You are zoomed out a whole bunch to fit your bulk on the screen… which means the hunters are extra-tiny.


Behemoth is a very sub par monster right. He weakspot is enormous and he dies faster than a wraith caught out in the open. His attacks are also way to slow and they all have an obvious tell which allows the hunters ample time to get out the way. I don’t even have to use jetpack fuel to dodge his fissure attack most of the time. Fissure is also bugged in that sometimes the attack never goes off yet the cooldown timer still starts. Rock wall is very buggy right now and there are some areas of the map where it doesn’t even work at all. Tongue grab works only about 50% of the time even if the hunter is perfectly in your sights and even then a good hunter can just jetpack dodge backwards to negate tongue grabs effect.

In short he is only good for killing bad pubs right now but any moderately skilled group of hunters can destroy him with ease. The devs have said he is going to get a plethora of buffs and bug fixes soon too.


Be interesting to see how he is tweaked going forward.

Have see him taken down, especially if Torvald can spam his mortar attack or shotgun up close. Have had several sub 5 minute wins with Hunters, mostly public randoms to be fair, after leading them into a cramped space to maximise damage output with the damage boost perk on.

I like him, he matches my style of play, which is very much in your face having a good fight.


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