Thoughts on a "Legacy Hunt" mode In Stage 2


I think the current status of hunt is in a pretty good place, and I’m sure it is more fun for casual and new players… But I personally would like to play a more legacy style evolve, with the new features and polish of current evolve

I think a Hunt game mode that plays more like legacy evolve would be great in Stage 2 as an addional mode… Tweaks to the current hunt would be as follows to accomplish this…

  • increased round timer back to 20 minutes (sneaking and hiding require more time to be effective)

  • increase the planet scanner cooldown to 70secs, this was the old dome cool down for trappe… also planet scanner cooldown starts after Hunter land from first dropship, so it cant be used immediately when match starts (by increasing the cooldown it requires trappers to use there tracking abilities to find monster instead of spamming planet scanner) also requires a decision to be made by trapper, do I use scanner to pinpoint monster, or do I save it for the dome so I can speed boost to evade attacks.

  • because of the longer cooldown on the scanner, the duration of the scan and speed boost to trapper should last longer (double current duration)

  • all Hunters can still throw the dome, but when trapper domes monster there should be a incentive for it… A lower dome duration/ health requirement for removing domes, when captured by any other classes of Hunter (this would give a incentive for hunters to rely on trapper to catch monster

A final change I’d like to see across this new legacy mode and the current hunt, is another point added to monster skills at stage 3, bringing total to 10 across all stages… The monster at stage 3 is suppose to be a real force to be reckoned with… By adding another point It guarantee’s that at stage 3, the monster will have at least one point in all abilities, thus being completely evolved… And a much tougher opponent…


So make matches even longer.

Make the monster harder to catch

Nerf the viability of pincer or fan tactics if you do use these to catch the monster by allowing less opportunity to engage and limit permanent progression if they are used.

And give monsters access to potentially 50% more 3point abilities at stage 3 with 4 ability spreads

Pass for me.


I’ve only played Stage 2, but seeing youtubes of leacy I would really like to try Legacy… seems quite a differente experience :slight_smile:

BUT I don’t think your suggested modifications would be good. Slow paced games don’t appeal to the masses, and Evolve needs a good playerbase to survive. What I would like to see is: keep the game going the way it is now, and in the future add a Legacy mode in it, maybe as a DLC, with the darker/denser maps and the old abilities. But please don’t try to ‘mix’ the old and new mechanics as it will not work in my opinion.


[quote=“DaSlipryBuffalo, post:64, topic:93238”]
This would be a seperate mode from Stage 2 hunt, so it wouldn’t change the current hunt at all… Just another game mode option for players like myself who like evolve old mechaincs… Give new players a different game type and some variety to the current hunt the know… Stage 2 hunt is more like a “fox hunt” with the Hunters always knowing where the monster is and just bearing down on it constantly… Legacy hunt was more of a “hide n seek”, and it really highlighted the trappers role on th
[/quote] @Sidewaysgts It may be a pass for you, and other players as well… But they are plenty of people out there like myself, that would like to have the option to play


My idea isn’t to replace the current hunt… It’s to add a hunt mode based on Legacy mechanics into the game…


Again this is a seperate mode, not a replacement to the current hunt[quote=“Sidewaysgts, post:2, topic:99636”]
So make matches even longer
[/quote] I never really had a problem with the match time of Legacy evolve, a good Hunter team can just as quickly find the monster…[quote=“Sidewaysgts, post:2, topic:99636”]
Make the monster harder to catch
[/quote] yes why not, there’s not much skill in catching monster now (just spam planet scanner every 30s and follow the prompt to dome)… I played evolve for a year before the invention of planet scanner, finding the monster without it can be done…[quote=“Sidewaysgts, post:2, topic:99636”]
Nerf the viability of pincer or fan tactics if you do use these to catch the monster by allowing less opportunity to engage and limit permanent progression if they are used.
[/quote] yes nerf, not remove… You can still fan out, and pincer attack as hunters… But like legacy your trying to get the monster to head into your trapper for the dome…


Believe it or not-

I read your post, and was aware of this aspect of the suggestion.

Im sorry i dont enjoy your suggest/opinion on the matter. I never explicitly said it was bad. I said itd be a pass for me.


Neat. More power to you and the players who want something like this.

The end of his state meant originally asked for responses. I offered my response stating it wasnt for me, and offered my view point on why it wasnt. I never said no this is a bad idea, i never put him down, or anything along the lines. He asked for responses, and i gave mine, from my own point of view, saying it wasnt for me.


I wouldn’t mind it. Be nice to have a game mode where every advantage isnt mostly handed to the Hunter’s.


Take it with a grain of salt- But monsters are arguably stronger than they ever have been in regards to the balance of the game (As a whole. There are of course specific exceptions. But as a whole). Stage 2 brought a plethora of advantages to the monsters. Hunters really only got an easier time doming (Which good teams were already doing reliably), more consistent tracking (which better teams were already doing), and a reworked dropship. On the flipside monsters have been buffed heavily, while hunters were largely nerfed (and patches have continued with these trends, with hunters as a whole being nerfed for nearly 4 weeks straight, along with monsters being buffed). Monsters no long have to worry about intentional god domes, cant be shot off meals by a stray shotgun pellet from 100 meters away, have more ability points at lower stages to make them stronger off the bat, have reliable and predictable feeding paths to utilize, dont have to worry about being wiped completely into the dirt in a single stage 1 dome, can down the relay in moments if the hunters are too far away limiting the available places hunters can pick for stage 3 rights- while also making it easier for the devs to balance these locations since theyre limited (And they have been nerfing places of high hunter power), and on and on.

Not that the hunters havent had their advantages given as well, but saying most of them went to the hunters? Iunno. I dont think its any coincidence were seeing more close games than ever at the high/competitive level with a wider range of monsters.