Thoughts of a salty player


So let me start off by staying that I have just lost a few games as Wraith and this is coming from a place of aggravation and anger. This is going to be extremely long and rather rantish.

Little history to this is I was playing a group that consists of a Torvald, Hank, Caira, and Griffin. They were awesome and for the first time playing Wraith I was stomped and I guess maybe because its ps4 and the average skill level is lower or maybe because it was the first truly awesome team I have played against I have come to the conclusion that there are some glaring issues with Wraith and the hunters against her.

First lets start with Wraith never have I felt so slow against a group add in the fact that there was spikes set everywhere on top of getting harpooned I felt like I was moving through molasses while getting pelted from shots fired from afar while I try to cut corners or get my traversals back. Warp blast didn’t help as it telegraphs your move, its slow, and it makes you sit there for as second while everyone shoots you. It is frustrating when warp blast doesn’t even break harpoons.

Second in no way does hit and run tactics work against a Hank/Caira on there game. Some might say well get in there and focus one, well that is impossible for two reasons. One being you can hardly get to stage 2 and at that stage max reliable DPS would be warp blast and supernova. Second the punishment from such a move with a Torvald is suicide. All other monsters and combo there way to a down fairly easily with precision. Rock throw/Leap smash/Charge hit any two at all for massive damage if landed within seconds, add in health and armor that allows for some punishment. Lightning strike/Vortex/Aftershock aside from Aftershock these can be done at extreme distances but Aftershock more than makes up with great damage and range. I don’t own Behemoth but I know he was build around awesome combos that can down quickly and with health and armor like crazy to take damage. Wraiths kit is Abduction/Warp blast/Supernova/Decoy.

Supernova does great damage but leaves you open and this was not so bad once upon a time but with the fact that it only lasts four seconds you have to make every hit count through healing and or shielding and have warp blast to finish it and with Torvald added Wraiths weak health it is suicide.

Abduction is great for control but I find that it is incredibly inconsistent at long range and this is where you would want to use it against such a combo to separate them. I have had a perfectly aimed abduction miss even though the person did not move and I just kind brushed against them.

Warp blast is fantastic but it can be dodged but a team knowing what they are doing or shielded easily add in the fact that it is about to get nerfed it is going to lower its effectiveness. Warp blast needs to be combo though and this is important, if you land that hit it does about 50% health damage with a direct hit at this point depending on your kit you follow it up with decoy which is can go all dumb on you accomplishing nothing with well timed dodges or heals, supernova which with Torvald gets you killed if you can even manage to get past Caira healing or the shield depending who you are attacking, ending and getting nothing done for taking insane amounts of damage. Lastly Abduct this as well can make you take massive damage against a Torvald because he always knows where you are going back too.

Decoy is decent but can be super dumb and or can be easily dodge or in case Hank lightly shielded through and with no aiming (yes I know it is suppose to go after the person you are aiming at but I find this about a 50/50 chance of actually doing this) you can not make it hit Hank.

So my next issue is with the line up of hunters and as how they affect Wraith.

Griffin vs Wraith: So this is not so bad, the problem comes from the fact that he can put spikes in strategic places to cover the map and that is cool but what kills it is carrion birds. A good team won’t mindlessly go in one direction they will wait for the birds and if you are like me you eat one or two things then birds and poof they know where you are. So if you manage to loses them with juking and stealth you get some distance (which is hard because good teams again won’t mindlessly run in a direction) you find a place to eat to get some energy to evolve and boom more birds. At this point you have to move fast but guess what those spikes he has been planting everywhere on the map now track you without you even knowing it. Yes I know you can go to a cave but eventually it will run out of food and they have all the entrances watched. So while Griffin isn’t OP the birds in tandem make it ridiculously hard to get anywhere past stage 2.

Torvald vs Wraith: I think this is the biggest offense to Wraith. Having a character that can do stupid amounts of burst damage so quickly and a monster that can barely take any damage is game breaking for that monster. Yes there are the easiest to dodge with Wraith but if you spend all your time dodging you will never get damage in and that is the problem. A Hank can mitigate damage long enough that you will never get a down without taking a full mortar to the face at least twice because all Wraiths moves make her an easy target. Yes he doesn’t do more damage overall than Parnell but he can do his damage twice as fast in one hit.

Hank/Caira vs Wraith: I am lumping these two together because everyone knows they are kind of godtier right now but I will say a few specifics. First is Caira can easily counter decoy with such little effort it is laughable preventing you from ever staying invisible. At this point you have two options, warp which destroys the decoy or take a mortar to the face. Second is Hank and with him its if you focus him he can easily bait you into some damage with a orbital and taking any of that with Wraith is devastating add in Torvald you are guaranteed health damage for focusing him while he is getting healed like no other by Caira. If you pull off from the orbital he is back to full health in seconds and those abilities you used are now on cooldown and you are out of traversals.

If the hunters have good jetpack management, co-ordination, and map awareness you are in for the most helpless of fights as you struggle to get enough food to even get to stage three as Wraith.

Well if you stuck through and read all of this thanks, I was super angry and this helped me calm down a bit.


Never give up! Stick with it, this is just a bump in the road to a glorious Hunting career!

Glad you got to vent it out!


Yea, even as a torvold player, he is a bit too powerful as he stands now, the burst is supposed to work that way… but it really needs a cool down of like 8-9 seconds. they should’ve done that as opposed to nerfing his shotgun (i believe that was what they nerfed on him…) anyways, yea a really good ten like that can just absolutely wreck many monster players so i do understand your frustration.


They nerfed his shotgun damage by 10%, his mortars by 10% and added .25 seconds of reload to the shotgun I believe.


I struggled with this too for a while. You’ll get past it, trust me. One Wraith to another. :wink:

Also, I recommend playing as them to learn them better. I know how to smack Griffin, Caira and Hank. I recently got into Torvald a LOT- because blowing things up is strangely…exciting…And I’m about fifty times better at countering his ass now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah I have played as all of them and I like to think I know them very well and any average team I can destroy good teams I can win but its close but this team I played them 4 times and won once but the other three felt like I was swimming up stream even at stage 2.

The truth is for me its Torvald, devs do see a problem with him because his damage is lower than Parnell and he has a 50% win rate. The issue here is as a German from WW2 will tell you is you do not need the biggest army or the strongest just the one that can put out damage the fastest. So for Parnell what takes SS and good but dangerous positioning and can be easily disrupted Torvald needs a second to empty his mortars and do 80% of that damage in one second. For a low health monster like Wraith that lost 35% of its speed but gained no health a character like Torvald destroys the balance of the one monster.


Something that I want to add is to one of your earlier post about carrion birds. Against this team it was hard but I was able to, through awesome juking skills, get away a few times in stealth but every time, EVERY TIME after one or two meats BIRDS and at stage 2 I couldn’t get past half energy on weather control because they would be in the middle of the map and be on me in seconds. They didn’t need this advantage but they got it and made stealth impossible.

Sorry still a bit angry over this because how helpless I felt.


I know that feel, bro. Hugs. I dislike that Torvald is the only one who can stop me from relentlessly focusing by spamming a few mortars, but theres not much to do but work around it. I think it’s unfair and uneeded, but the devs do not, so ah well.


In the beginning I don’t think it was bad but as all the nerfs begin to pile on it becomes increasingly harder for the monster to get anywhere and I think birds are just crippling stealth play. Side note once got birds on poop was furious afterward.

Second side note as the stealth monster you should not be able to hear Wraith smell.


It’s already somewhat subtle. I don’t think that’s necessary actually. I can already stalk someone without sneaking and make no sound whatsoever.


It is subtle but people with great turtlebeach 3000 headsets will hear it and just sit around and wait, so you cant move anywhere because they know you are within range.


I use apple headphones. And one of the headphone buds is broken. So I use one earphone. I can hear it too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah well then might not be subtle enough it makes sure they know you are there or you don’t use it and there is no way to keep tabs on them.


Yes, it’s enough. But it is possible to miss, in the heat of the moment.

But Goliath’s sounds like someone snorting cocaine in a bush, Kraken has a RIDICULOUS high pitched warble, and Bob’s sounds like sandpaper on rock. :stuck_out_tongue:


Something about Goliath snorting cocaine in a bush is hilarious to me. Thanks for responding to what amounts to me just complaining. I do think at this point Wraith could use a small health and armor boost with all the nerfs and Torvald but I think I have whined enough for today. I think I might go stream me pub stomping with Wraith to make me feel better.


Just wanted to point out that while Maggie forces the monster to run, Griffen excels at forcing the monster to sneak and be slowed. I understand your frustration, as a Griffin main myself. My job is to keep the monster from running. If i time my harpoon releases to reload faster, and if i also have a val to tranq, or a caira to boost, and to really piss ya off a sunny to boost, you’ll never feel more annoyed or slow. Forcing you to take me out and take damage yourself as well. Or have a really, really, REALLY, slow game. Best suggestion is wait for griffin to get too far ahead and scare the crap outta him lol. Make them play it safe. Even if its just bluffing a full fight then sprinting away and leave a small false trail.


They always did play it safe and they would always be in a position to punish me with Torvald which was there strategy. I did sneak and that wasn’t too hard what made him impossible was the birds after I would eat on or two things a there would be birds and they would be within 120 meters so I couldn’t stealth away without being seen or run without being tracked for easy cuts off.


Stick to the edges, then when birds hit you still have the option to run loud across the entire map and start again. Even if they can track you, they can’t match your speed provided you run as soon as you smell them and you can start sneaking again… If you wait to run until they are in harpoon range, just in case they might miss where you hid, that’s your choice :slight_smile: just giving tips not trying to argue.


Was on weather control so only places are the beach which is backing me into a corner, the caves which I did use but ran out of food, the other sides are so close to the center that getting a bird on you means they will have you in 5 seconds flat. Running was hard because they was spread out enough that they would see me but close enough that I can’t hurt them without them being there with in seconds. Hank/Caira nulls any damage I had done.

Don’t get me wrong the team knew there stuff and they was awesome with dodging and knowing the map.


But only one of them can keep you in place long enough for major damage. The trapper. So run past the assault or medic. Trapper hardly ever runs with them if they’re split. Trap usually teams with support. And if they are all separated it doesn’t matter pounce em. If your spotted in the middle, i say again, run to the closest wide edge of the map and draw them there, then when they are closer blast past to the other end of the map. They know where you went but not what you were doing in the time you were there as they were trying to catch up.