Thoughts and ideas on Deepest Dark


First of all, I like the idea of the map. I think it can drag new players to Evolve, to play this map with friends. So I want this map to get better, and here are some suggestions.

  1. Reduce the narrator lines.
    I love the voice, but he talks too much in game. Everytime I start to feel a little spooky, the narrator would jump in and start saying ‘ANOTHER GORGON HATCHES…’. He won’t stop murmuring because his lines are all really long, and when he is done with one, he will start narrating a new line. Currently it hurts the atmosphere. Reduce it, and it will be so much better. For instance, when Gorgon hatches, just put some spooky crunchy sound and remove narrator lines, so that hunter would think ‘oh shxt something sounds wrong’, rather than ‘ok obviously he tells us something is wrong so I guess so.’

  2. Make Gorgons ambush on ceilings and pillars.
    It’s one of the Gorgon’s most unique feature, and perfectly fit the spooky atmosphere of this new map. Make them ambush, hunt hunters. Make hunters feel ‘If we don’t stick together, we die.’

I think the map has so much potential, and will be better over time. Good work TRS :slight_smile: