Thought's about the game :D


What do you think about the game so far guys?

Let’s get this post up, in the more important one’s maybe the creators will see this and change some things.

so again,

What do you think about the game so far?

bugs,gameplay,ect all you have on mind <3


It’s a blast except for playing against the monumentally overpowered Wraith, which is the antithesis of fun. I hope they fix Wraith and the game gains traction. Overall I find it more entertaining and less frustrating (other than Wraith) than Overwatch; which I’ve been playing since the release.




Sarcastic names are always the best in my opinion.

Take mine- Mount Everett. But I’m not even tall in real life, haha.

But anyway, Evolve Stage 2 is the metaphorical “good stuff” as kids say these days. It’s basically Evolve, with an actual playerbase, more balance, more fun, more characters, and it’s just pretty legit in general.


I like soaring into the jaws of a giant monster to PUNCH IT IN THE FACE. :heart_eyes:

I love that unlocks aren’t random and you can actually earn/purchase the things you want. I was playing a ton of Overwatch before Evolve became free and it was really starting to irritate me how hard it was to get the skins I wanted. I just earned Lennox’s elite skin by playing a crapload of Lennox, feels very nice.