Thoughts about Support Cabot


Support, currently occupied by an awesome bearded Hank and a loveable robot with a heart Bucket.
See, Hank is pretty useful with his well balanced offensive/defensive abilities.
I believe Bucket is more of an offensive/“put pressure” charachter that has multiple uses with his turrets whether if it’s for area denial (like a downed fellow hunter) or just for pure damage while concentrating on keeping your teammates safe (cloak).

Each hunter has his own feel and when I tried Cabot for the first time I could see he was a potential top support character.

Cabot has the unique ability to be several classes in a game.

His skillset:

This beast of a weapon shoots 1 round before reloading just like a sniper rifle. And like a sniper rifle you need to make those shots count. The unique thing about this gun is that it goes trough 1 solid object for reduced damage.
This gives you a couple of things to work with e.g. your teammate gets eaten by a plant (happens to the best of us…) you don’t need to travel all the way to him/her just shoot under the icon a couple of times.

But even more interesting is when you have just had a battle with the monster and his/her shield is down. Mostly the monster will run and while on the run kill wildlife and quickly eat it for small amount of armor. Use the railgun (in combination with dust tagging for optimal accuracy) each time you see he tries to eat the wildlife. The monster has lost precious “escape” seconds and no armor to boot!

Same principle for when it hits Stage 3 in the evolution. If your team is down and you are it’s last hope and that monster starts to beat up the generator… take a lot of distance (safety first) and shoot every time he tries to engage the generator, interrupting his attack 'til your team is back.

Damage amp:
This ability doubles all damage done to a target. Basically allowing you to become a 2nd Assault character if done right. The amp drains rather quickly but the damage that can be inflicted is significant! I think, but not sure, that it only drains when damage is actually inflicted. So keep the amp on the monster and it doesn’t seem to drain slowly, which is nice.
You can you use this on monsters, wildlife but also on the egg in the Nest mode. Using it on the egg only seems to trigger when the shell is off, so position yourself infront of open spots and let them rip through it!

Dust Tagging:
You call forth a missile that blasts tracking dust in a (rather large) area, showing you the silhouette of all organics.
You become a very viable tracker for the team. Use it wisely. More than once have i dusted the target within a few seconds of landing. When you land look for tracks and just aim as far as you can in that direction, hoping for a hit.
Even if you have no idea where to even start, just randomly blast away… you might get Lucky.
When the monster is domed I find it useful to immediatly dust it. This give you the tools to keep yourself safe (stay behind rocks) or to position yourself for maximum amp usage. When the dome is down a new Dust Tagging is almost ready.
Don’t be afraid to use it, dust tag every now and then.

Several things to say but is just the same as every support, so everyone knows what it does…
Cloaking + Dust Tagging =
If you got the monster tagged then you have the perfect opportunity to ambush it, giving you that element of surprise!
Cloaking + Amp =
Rather not amp while cloaked because you’ll be highly visible and placing a red dot on yourself.
Cloaking + Railgun =
I’m all for it, it’s a split second you’re visible and that railgun does massive damage.

I occasionally use it while walking around to avoid troubling wildlife… just keep yourself and your teammates safe.

Obviously cloaking can be used for various reasons, it’s up to you to decide what’s the best.

Any tips from you guys?


If you know the monster is in a ‘sort of dead endish area of the map’ dust one side and if you don’t reveal you know he/she is on the other side a for an easy capture. Dusting in the beginning of a fight can be useful as it will be up against before dome comes down if you do it straight away.

With good jetpack management a Cabot can deny a Monster running by pegging with rail gun and keeping it tagged. Shooting through walls for perma damage & preventing eating can be very good.