Thoughts about Sunny + Torvald


So shield drone that auto targets people (?) with a shield just as effective as Hank’s(?), + afterburner boost (speed + fuel) while being continously pelted by Torvald’s mortars that hit like a truck, will keep a hunter alive indefinetly.

My tactic to work this out: destroy shield drone, you can’t do shit if it’s up + decent healer. Focus healer as much as possible (boosted by Sunny’s afterburner + speed). Get healer down to < 50%, shield drone is up again. You need to take that shit down with a cooldown, otherwise you’ve gotta spend 5 minutes on top of it, we shouldn’t be ashamed of it’s HP. Go back to healer that is mostly healed up, run after it and hit it twice because it’s boosted with Sunny’s jetpack/speed, shield drone is UP again. Waste another cooldown on it, reposition again, etc etc etc.


Run. But Torvald keeps pelting you with mortars because he CAN keep up, helped by Sunny’s afterburner booster.

Or take a break and play Behemoth? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Please help me out here and give me some valid counters pls.


dont fight in the turrets range? or burn ur heavy damage dealer. like Rockthrow has a low cd. so use that. and blow that shyt to smitherenes.

last tip. use skill on target, melee the closest hunter that is not ur target. then use second move on target. the damage is applied THEN shielded for the next attack. so staying focused on one person will get u killed.


Knock people away from the drone or just move to where it doesn’t have LOS - it auto-targets whoever takes damage anyway, so this is one case where switching between targets actually helps, melee one guy then burst damage the other. It’s kind of important which Medic is in the comp, you can’t really decide who to focus based on Sunny & Torvald alone, but it’s probably the Medic or Trapper first anyway - Sunny isn’t as much a priority as Hank and Assault is probably on the bottom of your list for focusing (unless you get an opportunity while shield is cooling down).

Whoever you need to kill, you need to separate them - all Sunny’s supporting abilities require LOS, she’ll usually find a perch to try to rain down nukes. Get your target as far away from her as you can or at least make sure she’s off-balance and taking damage to worry about too. With Caira around you gotta watch switching targets too much - just do a quick melee on someone else first, ability damage, then repeat if the shield drone is in range - but Slim or Val won’t be able to keep up if they’re separated enough.


the drone doesn’t activate immediately, if you put it down fast enough you’ll be fine. then focus the shit out of sunny. she’s the cornerstone of this whole strat, and once she’s down, no worries. the best torvald will be able to do is take potshots at you. GG. any hunter that is “OP” is generally “OP” when in combination with some other hunter. either take down that hunter or take down the hunter that’s “OP”, then seek and destroy the medic, then clean up the stragglers. keep in mind, once one hunter goes down for good, the team is a lot weaker, so focus one hunter who’ll be the most annoying and its relatively smooth sailing from then on. down medic if they’re not taking damage, down trapper if you feel too crippled and/or cornered, down assault if you’re taking too much damage, and down support for any or all of the above.