Thought TRS might have released a x-mas weapon skin


A few games have done it over x-mas,i know they generally suck but i thought TRS might have released one!


NAFAIK, although it would’ve been nice. Then again, it might’ve been too much work


We got hank though!


Yes true he’s nice but i thought maybe some x-mas thing would of been nice aswell


Rainbow Six had a pretty nice one


Hank the Technical Tank is all the Christmas we need.



You really do love him don’t you? :wink:


Actually I don’t like the character. Neither gameplay nor personality.

I just like calling him that.


I want a Christmas Gorgon & Lennox Skin :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t actually like the R6 one all that much,I remember when Cod Ghosts did one a few years back aswell and I didn’t like that one much either,game devs always seem to make them low res so on reflection maybe not doing one in Evolve isn’t so bad ha


Candy cane goliath
Gingerbread man kraken
Mistletoe wraith
Santa behemoth
Coal gorgon
Well, the potential was there.


I would have happy taken a re-colored Savage Skin in festive red and white instead of red and black!

Edit: @Azmi_Anuar is this something you can do?


I can’t at the moment, holidays seasons are hectic times for me here. By the time get home I’m too tired to do anything, I’ll mostly be chilin playing games at home for a few days before I start making any type of content.


Naw, I was thinking the red panda skin only white with red running down his back with the tail being the candy cane.


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